27 Apr

The Necessity of Title Search and its Benefits

Necessity of Title Search

It’s a known fact that the documentary evidence determines the authenticity of any real estate property. However, it’s a common practice to retrieve and analyze these credentials before a property is sold or mortgaged. The process is commonly known as the ‘Title Search’, which ensures the title to an estate is legitimate and clear of legal issues.

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25 Apr

Importance of CRM – Infographic

CRM Infographic Click on the image to view complete infographic

A CRM helps marketing, sales, and customer service functions of an enterprise to strengthen relationships between customers surging sales and is highly instrumental in growing revenue. This infographic depicts the impact of CRM on business, its usage patterns, and the role it plays in marketing automation. It also highlights the industry picture of how it helps in surging ROI.

30 Mar

Significance of Analytics-Based Marketing

Analytics-Based Marketing

A colossal amount of data is being generated every day. It has been estimated that as much as 90% of the data in the world today has been created in the last two years alone, which puts it in perspective. Data can play a vital role in measuring the performance of the marketing programs and can guide the leadership to make sound decisions. However, it needs to be analyzed carefully by experts to divulge the right insights.

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