15 Aug

How is Artificial Intelligence Reforming Customer Service

How is Artificial Intelligence Reforming Customer ServiceWhat comes to your mind when you think of Artificial Intelligence? Apparently, most of us visualize it as a machine with the ability to think and make its own decisions. Amazon’s Echo is an example of an AI tool that connects the users to the Alexa Voice Service, which enables the users to perform various activities on their phone through spoken instructions such as make calls, play music, send and receive messages, etc. In short, it shows that the contemporary AI tools muster the power to perform some intricate tasks with ease.

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10 Aug

The Role of Technology in Mortgage Industry

The Role of technology in Mortgage Industry

As technology has turned into a pivotal aspect in almost every industry, it’s safe to say that even the housing industry has been smitten by the technology bug. It’s because the online search has now turned into the most effective method of finding a home for prospective home buyers. The digital transformation has also had its impact on the mortgage industry as increasing number of lenders has quickly digitalizing the process, right from application to closing.

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08 Aug

Contact Center Changes You Should Expect – eBook

Contact Center ebook pdf

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Although contact centers are an indispensable part in enhancing customer experience, they are undergoing a plethora of changes. Novel and varied ways of reaching out to customers are improvised like phone, email support, social media, Skype, and mobile apps. A multichannel experience is provided to customers to meet their rising expectations, and constant attempts are made to elevate the customer experience levels. To meet the customers’ expectations, it is important to cope with the technological and organizational requirements, necessary to quickly respond to the changing times.

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03 Aug

The Ultimate Guide to Responsive Web Design

Ultimate Guide to Responsive Web Design

It is indeed true that the days of designing websites for only desktops are bygone. The need for mobile websites and sites that can be accessed from various devices are paramount today. This can be well understood looking at the browsing we do from our smartphones. This is where responsive web design has become a compelling necessity rather than a fad. It gives you the flexibility and optimizes the viewing experience whether you are looking at it from a 4-inch smartphone or a 40-inch TV screen.

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01 Aug

7 Features You Need to Include in a CRM Application

Features You Need to Include in a CRM Application

Though CRM is claimed to be a necessary tool to attract and retain customers few of the features have a great impact on your business. Owing to increased competition, digitalization, and current economic challenges, companies have to evaluate the CRMs they use more critically. No doubt, a CRM brings myriad business advantages , but along with this, it can also bring multiple challenges if it fails to meet the business requirements. With the passage of time, the expectations of businesses from a CRM have also changed. The businesses today expect more from a CRM.

A mere customer relationship management is not the goal anymore. It has extended to relationship optimization. Instead of merely reactively responding to customers’ needs, the businesses started anticipating the customers’ needs and proactively respond to it. In short, companies expect more from a CRM, but they want an easy to use software with fewer features to meet all their demands. The below features of a CRM are a must have ones that your business cannot go without.

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27 Jul

Current Trends in the Mortgage Industry

mortgage industry trends

The U.S. housing market’s size runs into trillions of dollars, making it the largest asset class in the world. In terms of the market cap, it’s even bigger than the U.S. stock market, according to The Economist. The Mortgage industry comprising of banks and mortgage companies have to meet the ever rising demand of the rapidly growing market through multi-trillion dollar loans, while consistently meeting several challenges concerning new regulations at the same time.

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20 Jul

What’s the secret behind a superior Customer Experience?

The secret behind a superior Customer Experience

The summation of all the interaction(s) between an organization and a customer or prospect forms the fundamental constituent of the Customer Experience (CX). Each of these interactions takes place over an appropriate channel, and every organization can have its unique omnichannel ecosystem. While some still rely on physical locations, mail or telephones, the advent of internet and smartphones have already revolutionized the mode of interaction between the customers and organizations. Some of the advanced digital channels that have become a vogue include:

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18 Jul

How Graphic Design Can Impact Your Business

How Graphic Design Can Impact Your Business

Few notice it instantly; many don’t, but graphic design has a ubiquitous presence. If you look around, you could easily spot an exciting design beaming at you, be it a beverage can on your desk or a book on the coffee table, or perhaps, a billboard across the street. However, its online presence is far more prominent, as most of the websites today are being conceived on a thoughtful design, and some can even leave us fascinated.

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