17 Oct

Three Reasons Why Analytics Can Transform Human Resource

Benefits of Analytics Transforming Human Resource

Organizations with progressive approach view Human Resources as a strategic aspect, which is required for the optimized utilization of employees. The HR Management includes collecting and keeping track of critical information pertaining to employees’ personal and professional info, such as payroll or compensation, performance reviews, and development programs.

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12 Oct

How To Build A Competitive Edge Over Your Competitors? – eBook

How To Build A Competitive Edge Over Your Competitors?

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Every company has a competitor, and to be able to rise above all, each employee has to contribute towards the success. To achieve a competitive margin in situations where you are selling against competitors requires meticulous planning and thorough execution. The solution is to have a process in which you carefully determine the competition, identify a strategy for your competitive presentation, and opt for the right method when presenting your submission.

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05 Oct

How to make Mortgage Originations more efficient

Mortgage OriginationsMortgage Origination is an essential process that deals with the creation of new mortgage loans. It involves the mandatory and statutory documentation of all legal papers and the process of marketing the mortgage to consumers. It also includes the qualification of the buyer and the processing of the mortgage loan, concluding with the placement of the mortgage on the lender’s books. Read More

03 Oct

Four factors that could influence the growth of IoT

Four factors that could influence the growth of IoT

The ever-growing numbers of hi-tech devices and their constant evolution is a depiction of how much we depend on them in our day-to-day lives. From washing clothes to keeping our food fresh, to keeping our house secure, we need a host of different devices to achieve our means. In fact, everything we wish to do from the moment we wake up to the time we go to bed, we are using one or the other device.

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21 Sep

Unlocking Big Data – eBook

Unlocking Big Data

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Businesses are increasingly turning towards big data and analytics to achieve competitiveness in terms of quality and output. As better insights help businesses to innovate as well as enhance client experience and detect irregularities in processes, the focus can be shifted to critical factors such as Marketing and R&D.

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14 Sep

Key Aspects to Elevate Customer Trust during Calls

Elevate Customer Trust during Calls

The experience economy has already been defined and adopted by the next generation of savvy customers. It has compelled both the new and established companies to come up with new ideas to forge a relationship with their customers. However, when it comes to building customer trust over a phone call, there are few tried and tested methods that can always be used to drive better results.

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