26 Jan

Content Tips to Enhance Your UX Design

UX Design

Creative content is an ideal method to boost engagement and influence readers. In order to create inspiring content, the creative designers are teaming up with content specialists to achieve the right mix of catchy images, videos, and expressive text. When the content is interesting and engaging, it can even carry the weight of ordinary design and can play a crucial role in enhancing the overall User Experience (UX). Read More

05 Jan

UI trends that are set to drive website visitors in 2017

UI trends that are set to drive website visitors in 2017

Constant innovation and experimentation in creative fields give rise to new trends, which eventually get adopted by many. Some of the popular trends are capable of revolutionizing the conventional industry standards and can even lead to improvements in existing methodologies. It has also been observed that while some major trends stick on for long, others disappear in short time. However, these short-term trends can be the driving factors for the major ones in the future.

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08 Dec

5 key initiatives to create a customer-centric website

Customer Centric Website

The website is an integral part of the initiative that is required to provide a superior customer experience. Pursuing the need to create better websites, numerous inventive techniques to enhance the site features continue to hit the market regularly. The proliferation of new technologies has played a vital role in improving the appearance, functionality and performance of sites to a great extent. Some of them such as responsive web design have been already been widely accepted as the key technique to address the basic need of mobile-first web development strategy.

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23 Nov

5 benefits of hiring a consultant for web design


Have you been wondering whether to hire a web consultant or design your website in-house? This question comes to many and several among them are in a dichotomy. They are unable to figure out and opt for a web design consultant because of the cost-effectiveness of the proposition. Apart from cost-effectiveness, the web design consultant can bring to the table many advantages that you may not have considered. No matter, whether you have the required staff strength for the design of your website, it is really worthwhile to hire a web design consultant for the design of your website or for redesigning it. Below are enlisted five points that would make you look at the bright side of hiring a consultant.

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27 Sep

Key User Experience Tips to Improve Your Website

Key UX Tips Iimprove Website

There are many factors involved in developing a website. From business objectives to brand guidelines, and from user-experience to design aesthetics, the list can be overwhelming. Even the basics features like the color palette, content and SEO have to be carefully dealt with. Core features like the information architecture and web technologies, also form an integral part of the development process and need to be meticulously planned and implemented. Overall, the website should look-and-feel both fluid and intuitive. As a result, the end-users must be able to find the required information with minimal fuss and maximum ease. Only when a website is able to achieve these parameters, it will be able to deliver the necessary user experience (UX). Therefore, a high UX score is essential for any website to be adjudged as successful in its objective.

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06 Sep

UX and Design Trends That Will Make Customers Happy in 2017


Creative fields are bound to be influenced by newer trends. They are the driving elements that can dictate the activities of everyone involved. This is especially true in the realm of design-based technology. In order to achieve the futuristic user experience (UX), experts must design the innovative interactions that can complement the latest trends. The popularity of ‘mobile-first’ strategy followed by the global acceptance of ‘responsive’ designing has already taken the world by storm. So, can we figure out the upcoming trends that could make their mark in 2017? Discussed below are some of them that could not just keep the users engaged, but would also help the business achieve the broader objectives of maximizing their returns.

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