11 May

5 Questions you need to ask before opting for Reverse Mortgage

5 Questions you need to ask before opting for Reverse Mortgage

As an apparent justification to its name, Reverse Mortgage (RM) follows an almost an inverse method of a contemporary mortgage loan. Having opted for RM, the borrowers are not required to make payments for the mortgage loan they have borrowed. Instead, the loan allows the borrowers to seek a mortgage loan accessing the equity built in their home while using the estate also as the collateral.

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27 Apr

The Necessity of Title Search and its Benefits

Necessity of Title Search

It’s a known fact that the documentary evidence determines the authenticity of any real estate property. However, it’s a common practice to retrieve and analyze these credentials before a property is sold or mortgaged. The process is commonly known as the ‘Title Search’, which ensures the title to an estate is legitimate and clear of legal issues.

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23 Feb

What Goes Into Making A Reliable Tax Report?

Tax Reporting Services

Tax reports, essentially, provide a list of comprehensive details about the current tax status and tax amounts due on a property. The information provided by the report is vital for carrying out various financial and commercial transactions related to the property such as the pre-closure of a mortgage loan or the eventual sale of the property.

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14 Feb

How to Choose a Title Services Company

Title Services Company

When looking for a title services company, which is an essential aspect of mortgage service it’s important to check if it’s got the necessary operational expertise and other major capabilities required to perform a credible job. The firm needs to be competent at performing various real estate transactions, and should be able to act as the combined agent of all the parties such as the seller, mortgage lender, insurance company and the buyer.

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