22 Jun

Three ways to optimize your content marketing efforts

Content Marketing Efforts

The popularity of Content Marketing as an increasingly popular marketing tactics is discernable. Be it marketing agencies or companies with popular brands, everyone seems to have figured out its strategic importance to achieve their core marketing objectives. It’s not surprising then to learn that almost 2 million blog articles are posted every day along with billions of Tweets, Facebook posts, and other content on the rest of the social media platforms.

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01 Jun

6 Social Media Analytics Key Insights – eBook

Social Media Analytics eBook

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Social media provides a massive opportunity for businesses looking to connect with customers and prospects along with the convenience to promote the offerings. However, firms have to regularly test and track their performance on the crowded platform to identify the most efficient strategies, which marks the significance of analytics. Here is the list of key insights that can be used to drill down deeper and discover information that can add more meaning to the social media analytics.

04 May

Why Agile Marketing can be Indispensable

Why Agile Marketing can be indispensable

The contemporary marketing environment faces a major challenge of converting data into relevant insights, quickly and efficiently. For this to happen, the process has to move away from the traditional style of command-and-control management towards a far more flexible approach, which makes embracing the Agile Methodology an explicit option.

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30 Mar

Significance of Analytics-Based Marketing

Analytics-Based Marketing

A colossal amount of data is being generated every day. It has been estimated that as much as 90% of the data in the world today has been created in the last two years alone, which puts it in perspective. Data can play a vital role in measuring the performance of the marketing programs and can guide the leadership to make sound decisions. However, it needs to be analyzed carefully by experts to divulge the right insights.

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23 Mar

A Step By Step Guide To Content Marketing In 2017

A Step By Step Guide To Content Marketing In 2017

Content marketers would have to face higher competition in 2017 as the digital marketing eco space gets saturated. In this context, the right approach is to find the niche audience and cater to their content needs. This would not only help in fulfilling the marketing goals like branding, positioning, and creating awareness but also achieve your business objectives and increase conversion rates.

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09 Mar

It’s All About the Leads! – Infographic


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The longer it takes to respond to a prospect customer, the lesser are the chances of conversion. Also, there is a high probability of the lead ending up with the competitor, which makes lead nurturing a critical aspect of the sales funnel. Advanced lead management tools help the sales reps to connect swiftly with the prospects, which help them to close the deals faster. The resource document reveals some important statistics that emphasize the critical role of a lead management system when it comes to streamlining and the distribution of leads with much more efficiency.

02 Mar

How to Get Big Benefits From Email Marketing

Benefits Of Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the few marketing techniques that can be considered as not just highly effectual but also cost effective. Evidently, it is quite popular with most businesses, irrespective of their size and industry, as email marketing allows them to engage with the existing customers as well as target the new ones. However, many scramble to get the best out of the methodology, as only those who know to handle it profoundly well can manage to garner the ideal returns.

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09 Feb

Orchestrate Technologies, LLC to Participate in MBA’s National Mortgage Servicing Conference and Expo, 2017

MBA Conference and Expo, 2017

Carrollton, Texas, February 9, 2017 (Newswire)Orchestrate Technologies, LLC, has announced its participation at the National Mortgage Servicing Conference, 2017. Held under the banner of Mortgage Bankers Association that represents all aspects of the real estate industry, the conference is known to offer huge collaboration opportunities for the participants.

Orchestrate offers end-to-end mortgage services with a core focus on Title and Tax service, Post closing review and other QC services, which have been in great demand and are being operated from its onshore delivery centers. The company has the expertise to engage the clients with both origination and servicing needs and has always been inclined towards innovation in mortgage services, which happens to be the primary topic of discussion at the conference this year.

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