01 Aug

7 Features You Need to Include in a CRM Application

Features You Need to Include in a CRM Application

Though CRM is claimed to be a necessary tool to attract and retain customers few of the features have a great impact on your business. Owing to increased competition, digitalization, and current economic challenges, companies have to evaluate the CRMs they use more critically. No doubt, a CRM brings myriad business advantages , but along with this, it can also bring multiple challenges if it fails to meet the business requirements. With the passage of time, the expectations of businesses from a CRM have also changed. The businesses today expect more from a CRM.

A mere customer relationship management is not the goal anymore. It has extended to relationship optimization. Instead of merely reactively responding to customers’ needs, the businesses started anticipating the customers’ needs and proactively respond to it. In short, companies expect more from a CRM, but they want an easy to use software with fewer features to meet all their demands. The below features of a CRM are a must have ones that your business cannot go without.

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06 Jul

Fundamentals of Mobile App Development Technology – eBook

Fundamentals of Mobile App Development Technology

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Looking at our infatuation towards the Smartphone, to say that it has become an indispensable part of our daily lives could be an understatement. One of the primary reasons for this bonhomie is that our Smartphone has evolved from a simple communication device into an omnipotent gadget that can be used for various purposes such as entertainment, business, education, trade, social networking and much more.

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20 Jun

Digital Transformation: A journey to the future

Digital Transformation: A journey to the future

When you know the destination of your journey, the process of charting out the best possible route becomes much easier. However, digital transformation is a unique expedition where the goals may not be specifically defined. Complicating it further, there is no particular direction in which you can head once you’ve decided to embark on the mission.

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09 May

Three Benefits of Centralized Marketing Data

Three Benefits of Centralized Marketing Data

The digitalization of global business environment has completely transformed the traditional mode of marketing communication. The previously used platforms for reaching out to the prospects and customers are getting replaced by sophisticated digital channels equipped with innovative features. These platforms have shown a superior capability to quantify all aspects of marketing communication and their results, including leads.

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02 May

PaaS – A ‘Revolution’ for Web Content Management

Web Content Management

A software development company can come across several challenges that arise due to the complexities in IT infrastructure that includes critical tasks such as installation and management of heavy-duty servers and databases. A company that provides Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) can help its client firms to reduce the risk and cost that arises from the investment on the infrastructure.

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25 Apr

Importance of CRM – Infographic

CRM Infographic Click on the image to view complete infographic

A CRM helps marketing, sales, and customer service functions of an enterprise to strengthen relationships between customers surging sales and is highly instrumental in growing revenue. This infographic depicts the impact of CRM on business, its usage patterns, and the role it plays in marketing automation. It also highlights the industry picture of how it helps in surging ROI.