15 Mar

How Automated Testing can Increase Test Efficiency

Automated Testing can Increase Test Efficiency

Automating Testing has a significant role in the lifecycle of software development. Unlike the traditional method of manual testing that is performed by humans and involves careful execution of the test steps, the Automation Testing utilizes automation tools to execute the test case suite. When the test suite is automated, it requires no further human intervention, which can have many advantages.

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08 Mar

How to Develop a Successful Mobile App

Develop a Successful Mobile App

There are various ways for a business to establish its online presence. A functional website, pages on various social networking sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn or Instagram, or a Mobile App, are the ideal ways to communicate and engage with prospects and customers. But a Mobile app deserves a special mention. Any organizations wondering about the necessity to build its own mobile app should consider the following facts:

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30 Jan

Agile Project Management: The Step in The Right Direction

Agile Project Management

The specialized discipline of Software Project Management is critical to the development of value-oriented software products. By supervising the various phases of a project such as planning, implementation, testing, and deployment, it ensures the final product meets the desired objectives. Without capable project management, the development teams may run the risk of pursuing inappropriate project goals.

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02 Jan

How Small Businesses Can Benefit from AI

How Small Businesses Can Benefit from AI

Artificial Intelligence has been one of the hottest topics in the field of technology in the past couple of years. The debate has been centered on its usability and the type of benefits it can offer. It’s a known fact that the big players such as Amazon and Microsoft have already invested substantially in developing the technology.

However, what needs to be seen, if these benefits could also help small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). Discussed below are some of the areas in which small businesses could benefit from AI.

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28 Dec

Four New IT Trends for Digital Workplace in 2018

IT Trends for Digital Workplace

The workplace has always been impacted by new IT trends. Be it the way we communicate with colleagues or clients, the tools that we use to analyze data, and the type of insights we use to make critical decisions, have all undergone massive improvements in the last few years. Yet, it seems the digitalization of the workplace would continue for long. Even in 2018, we could see various IT trends leaving a profound impact on how we work. Let’s discuss some of these trends in detail.

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26 Dec

How would big data evolve with the adoption of IoT in business

adoption of IoT in business

Big data is a relatively old concept which has its broad application in business. But the Internet of Things (IoT) is relatively newer, and as per estimates, IoT will add $10 to $15 trillion to the global GDP in the next two decades. You may or may not be having an activity tracker that can communicate with your smartphone or the lights in your home may or may not be controlled remotely through your smartphone, but IoT will substantially affect your lives soon. Within three to five years you will surely have one of these gadgets with IoT transforming your daily life to a great extent. These predictions are not made based on the fact how cool these products are, but an even more intriguing point is that Internet of Things is sure to change the business at the fundamental level very soon.

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19 Dec

How IoT can Accelerate Digital Transformation

How IoT can accelerate digital transformation

Physical objects like a river, an engine, a tree or any household object can be fitted with sensors that would measure their physical characteristics and the changes in the surrounding environment. These sensors can measure anything from location, temperature, flow rate, vibration or anything that can be quantified. Low powered networking technologies allow these data to be shared across devices and data centers. In simple terms, this is the working principle of the internet of things (IoT).

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05 Dec

The impact of Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning on the future of Marketing

The impact of Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning on the future of Marketing

Knowledge workers such as physicians, engineers or scientists have always been one of the most sought-after professionals. It’s a traditional notion that knowledge or intelligence is an asset and is not easy to acquire and spread. Neither can the process of generating it be automated. However, the advent of Artificial Intelligence has changed it all forever.

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