25 Apr

Importance of CRM – Infographic

CRM Infographic Click on the image to view complete infographic

A CRM helps marketing, sales, and customer service functions of an enterprise to strengthen relationships between customers surging sales and is highly instrumental in growing revenue. This infographic depicts the impact of CRM on business, its usage patterns, and the role it plays in marketing automation. It also highlights the industry picture of how it helps in surging ROI.

16 Mar

Mobile Apps Vs Responsive Websites for Small Business

Mobile Apps Vs Responsive Websites for Small Business

For small businesses, mobile marketing has become imperative as research suggests that total internet browsing time per month is much higher on the smartphones. It’s no more a time to ask whether to introduce mobile marketing as we have already past the tipping point when it comes to mobile marketing. With the usage of mobile devices on the rise, the debate of whether to develop a responsive website or mobile app has become even more relevant.

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28 Feb

The transformation of enterprise IT in 2017

IT transformation in 2017

Enterprises are driven by the need to evolve constantly. Even in 2017, as most enterprises undergo the much needed digital transformation, the focus would be on acquiring new information technology that can play a vital role in optimizing the enterprise IT services. However, while having to meet the demands of the future business requirements, enterprises also need to ensure the transformation costs do not surpass the expected returns.

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21 Feb

Why your business should be digitally driven?

Digitally Driven

Being digitally driven is one of the primary obligations faced by enterprises today. The desire to be recognized as the market leader in today’s digital world that lets you enjoy an inimitable competitive advantage, which can be assumed as the primary reason for pushing the businesses to contemplate this obligation with all seriousness.

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16 Feb

Agile vs Lean Methodology the comprehensive – eBook

Agile vs Lean Methodology - eBook

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Businesses need a process that offers enhanced flexibility to optimize the movement of products and services through the value streams that flow across the assets, technologies, and departments. The Agile methodology allows for many possibilities to evaluate the direction of this flow throughout the development life-cycle. This is achieved through regular cadences of work known as Sprints or iterations, by the culmination of which teams must offer a shippable product increment.

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10 Jan

4 Primary Business Values Delivered by Cloud Storage

Cloud Storage

Cloud storage has already become the service of choice for all types of businesses, irrespective of their size and storage needs. Even in 2017, it has been estimated that most enterprises would continue to adopt the convenience and advantages of cloud computing, of which cloud storage is an integral part. Organizations are increasingly turning away from in-house technology for storage solutions as they seek to extract maximum advantage from their IT investments. By being able to give the employees the ability to store, and access the corporate info and files, wherever and whenever they want, enterprises are able to garner immense business value, as well as achieve competitive advantage by adopting cloud storage.

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22 Dec

Why Big Data is the key differentiator for your organization

Big Data Differentiator Organization

Big data has revolutionized the way businesses perform and most importantly it has brought a drastic change in the decision-making process. Why not! Big data analytics has the potential to interpret, analyze and predict a consumer’s behavior and purchase decisions. In many instances, the predictability of big data analytics is said to be even better than the individuals know of themselves. Business essentially gets this advantage with big data analytics which makes it one of the most important business variant of the 21st century.

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13 Dec

E-Commerce Best Practices Methods To Get A Cut Above The Rest – eBook


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E-Commerce is the way of the day and till today many types of e-commerce platforms have emerged. They are B2B, B2C, C2B, and C2C E-Commerce companies. There are a plethora of tools available to conduct natural business transactions of an e-commerce organization. Each of the categories of businesses has a unique set of customers requiring unique value propositions and business techniques.

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06 Dec

Why CRM is the leading customer-relevant technology?

 CRM is the leading customer-relevant technology

Organizations today are experimenting with a wide range of technologies to deliver the most relevant customer experience (CX). While there is no clear-cut formula to achieve this across all channels, the Harvard Business Review Analytic Services has found CRM to be the leading technology for delivering a relevant customer experience. Among 17 technologies analyzed, the study has found that Customer Relationship Management achieves 50% success when it comes to delivering the ideal customer experience. Websites are next with 41% score, and CX/Behavior Analytics comes at distance third with 22% score.

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