14 Mar

Four Strategic Actions to Earn Customer Loyalty

Earn Customer Loyalty

The word-of-mouth promotion carried out by brand-loyalists is usually considered as a highly effective form of marketing. It not just cultivates trust among the consumers, but also requires negligible investment. Apparently, a loyal customer is the best brand advocate a company can get and is one of the most valuable assets. Therefore, creating and sustaining a loyal customer base is the primary objective of every company that wants to be successful.

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02 Feb

5 Advantages Offered by Specialized Contact Center Service Providers

Contact Center Service Providers

There are many tasks that are critical for the existence of a new business. However, they are not aligned with their core businesses. For instance, a company into manufacturing soft toys might not quite relate its core business function with the activity of answering customer queries. However, it is an important activity that the company has to perform on a regular basis.

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19 Jan

Strategic Advantages of Outsourcing Customer Support Solutions

Customer-Support Solutions

Customer support function is one of the most discerning and deciding factors of business that helps any organization to prosper or succumb. Although this may be true, businesses often confront this dilemma, whether to outsource the customer support functions or to handle it in-house. Well, there are few strategic advantages of outsourcing which should be equated along with the pros and cons of the proposition. The key considerations for taking this important decision is discussed below.

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27 Dec

How to Secure a Superior Digital Customer Experience

Digital Customer Experience

Businesses across the industries are striving to provide an end-to-end customer experience like never before. In order to achieve this, companies have to deliver an aggregate of all experiences throughout the customer’s lifecycle. The process is much similar, if not the same, even for digital customer experience that is required to maximize, customer loyalty, retention, brand propagation and ultimately to increase the bottom line.

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20 Dec

3 Key methods to Measure Customer Satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction

One of the primary reasons to measure the customer satisfactions is to evaluate the performance of a contact center, and sometimes of the contact center services company as a whole. Such an evaluation is vital in identifying whether the customer service personnel are able to meet the expectations of the company’s target audience. The results can be quite helpful for managers which can serve as performance indicators. Depending on it, required measures such as process optimization, and/or skill enhancement, can be duly taken by the management.

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