15 Aug

How is Artificial Intelligence Reforming Customer Service

How is Artificial Intelligence Reforming Customer ServiceWhat comes to your mind when you think of Artificial Intelligence? Apparently, most of us visualize it as a machine with the ability to think and make its own decisions. Amazon’s Echo is an example of an AI tool that connects the users to the Alexa Voice Service, which enables the users to perform various activities on their phone through spoken instructions such as make calls, play music, send and receive messages, etc. In short, it shows that the contemporary AI tools muster the power to perform some intricate tasks with ease.

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08 Aug

Contact Center Changes You Should Expect – eBook

Contact Center ebook pdf

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Although contact centers are an indispensable part in enhancing customer experience, they are undergoing a plethora of changes. Novel and varied ways of reaching out to customers are improvised like phone, email support, social media, Skype, and mobile apps. A multichannel experience is provided to customers to meet their rising expectations, and constant attempts are made to elevate the customer experience levels. To meet the customers’ expectations, it is important to cope with the technological and organizational requirements, necessary to quickly respond to the changing times.

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20 Jul

What’s the secret behind a superior Customer Experience?

The secret behind a superior Customer Experience

The summation of all the interaction(s) between an organization and a customer or prospect forms the fundamental constituent of the Customer Experience (CX). Each of these interactions takes place over an appropriate channel, and every organization can have its unique omnichannel ecosystem. While some still rely on physical locations, mail or telephones, the advent of internet and smartphones have already revolutionized the mode of interaction between the customers and organizations. Some of the advanced digital channels that have become a vogue include:

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15 Jun

How to Avoid Four Common Customer Service Mistakes

How to Avoid 4 Common Customer Service Mistakes

Customer Service is the chief determining factor for any business to be successful. According to research, a majority of customers leave because of perceived indifference and lousy customer service. Although it may seem that the customers have left for no fault of ours or they may have found a cheaper product, in reality, it may not be so. The fact may be, they have not received proper customer service, or their satisfaction levels were not as expected. The four major customer service mistakes that are committed by the business firms and often overlooked are cited below with the remedies.

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18 May

Advantages of Strategizing the Decision Making Processes

Three Main Advantages of Strategizing the Decision Making Processes

A decision-making process built on an explicit strategy can help businesses maximize their success and growth. Research studies have shown that there is a distinct link between strategically planned decisions and the success of a company. The ability to be ready and responding adeptly to the sudden changes in the business environment is one of the primary advantages of strategizing the decision-making process.

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14 Mar

Four Strategic Actions to Earn Customer Loyalty

Four Strategic Actions to Earn Customer Loyalty

The word-of-mouth promotion carried out by brand-loyalists is usually considered as a highly effective form of marketing. It not just cultivates trust among the consumers, but also requires negligible investment. Apparently, a loyal customer is the best brand advocate a company can get and is one of the most valuable assets. Therefore, creating and sustaining a loyal customer base is the primary objective of every company that wants to be successful.

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02 Feb

5 Advantages Offered by Specialized Contact Center Service Providers

Contact Center Service Providers

There are many tasks that are critical for the existence of a new business. However, they are not aligned with their core businesses. For instance, a company into manufacturing soft toys might not quite relate its core business function with the activity of answering customer queries. However, it is an important activity that the company has to perform on a regular basis.

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