21 Apr

4 Effective Ways for Better Customer Experience

4 Effective Ways for better customer experience

One of the most challenging tasks faced by businesses today is to create customer experience that exemplifies their devotion towards their clientele. With ‘client-centricity’ being the buzzword, the role of contact-center in the scheme of things has become all the more pivotal. A contact center essentially manages all customer contacts through various channels. These include but are not limited to the following –

Multi-Channel Experience

Conventional contact center set-up includes an online call center with different levels of automation. It handles huge volumes of telephonic calls from service-seeking-customers which are routed to qualified personnel, and logged for future references. But with changing times, many more customer-interaction channels have been appended to the setup, as Omni-channel experience is essential to achieve Enterprise-wide engagement. Businesses can make a positive impression by allowing customers to use the devices of their choice. Using preferred channels gives customers a seamless experience of accessing the information and services effortlessly. Conceivably, proactive service can be offered by using multi-channel contact center experience to connect with customers at every stage of customer engagement lifecycle.

IoT to Request Support

Customer Experience Management

Optimized Customer Experience Management is necessary to understand the customer experience workflow and forecast volumes. It ensures regulatory compliance and also identifies agent issues to improve customer acquisition and retention. When customer-relationship is used as an asset, it can turn satisfied customers into loyal and then into advocates.

Consumers Globally Views

Actionable Insights and VOC

Every engagement contributes to overall consumer’s impression of the business. Effectively, customer experience is the summation of these enterprise-wide interactions. By using right media at the right time, actionable insights make it possible to identify the exact customer preferences. Apart from providing voice-of-customer (VOC) information, actionable insights offer valuable data on calls and operations. By capturing the customer’s aversions and preferences, VOC technology ideally captures customer’s expectations. Enabling agents to get a better understanding of customer interactions has been found to increase productivity. This also maximizes the cross-selling and up-selling opportunities.

Real Time Analytics Influence

First Contact Resolutions

Instantaneous identification of customer’s annoyance and the reasons causing them can reduce overall customer effort. To achieve First Contact Resolution across all channels, regardless of call volumes and agent activity levels, calls for constant performance management and process-streamlining. Using advanced performance metrics for workforce optimization, reporting and analytics can offer holistic view and help bridge the gaps. Contact upgrades of agent-capabilities to solve inquires on the first touch is important. Rectifying the sources of customer irritation boosts customer satisfaction levels and reduces customer effort.

Business Customer Experience

Key Takeaway

Customer experience impacts the all the stages of customer engagement lifecycle. By affecting the critical aspects of retention, loyalty to advocacy, it also impacts overall lifetime value by leading to fresh customer acquisition costs. This makes the role of contact center crucial as every engagement can contribute to the overall customer experience and consumer’s impression of the business. A multi-channel experience based on the individual preferences across all engagement points of the customer journey can drive huge customer satisfaction levels. In addition, First Call Resolutions reduce overall customer effort and create seamless experience irrespective of volumes and activity levels.

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