06 Feb

6 Trends Mobility has Brought in Retail Industry

6 Trends Mobility has brought in retail industry

Mobility has altered the whole thing on this planet. It has changed people’s thought process, the way of living, engagement process and technique to run a business. To obtain multi-presence of mobility, the retail industry has possibly experienced the highest degree of transformation as mobility has a very deep connection with individuality and personality. As we all know personalization is derived from personality.

We are looking at top 6 trends in retail industry which are emerged due to mobility. It has also changed the value proposition of personalization in retail.

1. Shop anywhere: e-commerce has been transformed into me-commerce now. The growth of the me-commerce idea can be credited to the growing consumer expectations. Every customer likes to have personalized the shopping experience. It’s not clear, whether mobility has increased customer expectation or it was bound to happen and mobility acted as a catalyst. But in general, one thing is absolutely clear that me-commerce is the new way of shopping. Mobility is an incredible tool for retailers to grab benefit.

2. Mobility is not confined to application development:
Mobile does not only mean a cluster of application development that helps customer in shopping. It also helps workforce to become more effective and productive. BYOD apps are one of the thing which helps employee to work smartly.

3. Mobile and store together:
Combination of mobile and physical store is need of the hour. Report says that almost all employees bring their own mobile device to work. Smart retailers are providing apps on employee’s device which helps them to do quick inventory check, find product data, delivery time and more.

4. Big data: The affect of big data is on all aspect of retail business ranging from manufacturing to delivery. But the right usage of data analysis can bring significant improvement in sells and customer acquisition. These customer data can be analyzed to understand purchase behavior, preferences, product quality and more. Retailers have begun to invest on data gathering and analysis to make well-informed business plans and decisions. Customer data analysis has become such an important aspect of business that many retailers are partnering with outsourcing service provider to analyze the data.

5. Social marketing: The number of consumer available on social networking sites has forced retailers to increase online marketing budget. Retailers are investing to find better ways to run loyalty programs and keep in touch with customers. A brand’s link with and recommendation on social media to consumer’s own circle is the highest quality of advertisement a brand can expect.

6. Store digitization: Visualize getting inside a store and witness a diagram of all merchandise, cost and locate products immediately! It is a wow moment for any customer. Retailers are achieving this through digital displays and making their store digitize. Stores are being created with facility of surfing, selecting and getting delivery instantly.