28 Jan

A User-Friendly and Exciting Website

User-Friendly Website

The word “exciting” may not be associated with informational websites. Though, there are several routes which can be taken to liven up your informational website and make it more exciting for visitors. An informational and exciting website arrests the attention of prospects.

Interactive Components

Adding interactive components is one of the simplest methods to indeed liven up a simple website. A simple photo gallery could be a starting point and it can go to extent of including video content or a poll that compels the user to get involved on your website. Interactive components will involve users and make them more enthusiastic about visiting your website.

Creative Content

A creative, readable and reliable content is what a successful website offers to its visitors. Even if you’re targeting a very specific and niche audience, still a comprehensive range of content should be injected on the website. It will charm your visitors and pique their interest. User-friendly website content is both readable and relevant. Focus on fonts should be easy to read, a nice color scheme with enough spacing to remove chaos. Now Google is also expecting content and more content. Thus exclusive content will support SEO positions. Blog with exclusive content helps to improve website traffic.

Show Your Personality

Your brand personality, image, and message should shine through on your website. Quirky people page is one of the finest ways to show your brand personality; for instance, organizations have livened up this page by providing professional photos of their employees that change to pictures with silly faces or cartoonish overlays when hovered over.

Add Fun in Unexpected Places

Get creative in unexpected places on your website to surprise visitors. For example, with a humorous photograph and title liven up your 404 error page. It will bring a smile on your visitor’s face. Make sure to include supportive links to pages that the visitors may have been looking for.

One of the key traits of great website design is its user-friendliness. With a huge quantity of websites on any particular subject, not having a user-friendly website can simply drive prospects away. By placing some required time and work one can see an improvement in consumer interaction and reduction in bounce rate.

Quick Load Time

Quick load time is a first load time for a user-friendly website. Most probably visitors will give up and go on to the next website in-case a website takes more than five seconds to load. Long load times can be caused by several reasons such as high use of images, video, moving pieces, etc. there are few simple methods which can be applied to shrink load time, and view positive consumer interaction enhancements. Load time can be reduced by removing flash, compressing photographs and keeping very limited large files.

A Good Landing Page

A landing page is the first impression of any brand. It compels visitors to keep browsing your website. Maximum visitors take the decision to stop or move away within seconds, thus your landing page has to be attractive, creative and informative. A landing page can be any key page on website, starting from your homepage, to a product page. An analysis of website traffic helps to take decision on pages which needs to be enhanced. Analysis will provide you information on most visited page and most critical page. Send your message across quickly by having an intriguing design on these pages. Landing page also helps improve SEO, and brand credit in search engines.

Easy Navigation

Website navigation is one of the most important features of the user experience. It is frequently the most ignored. A complex navigational arrangement will leave visitors feeling irritated, dazed, and incapable of finding the products and services that they are searching. This is the reason of understandable concerns when it comes to translating website traffic into sales. UX design and approach can make an easy navigation. It makes it easy for consumers to go through the website.

Mobile Optimization

A user-friendly website needs to be optimized for mobile devices. It should be easy to browse on smartphones and tablets.