15 Aug

How is Artificial Intelligence Reforming Customer Service

How is Artificial Intelligence Reforming Customer ServiceWhat comes to your mind when you think of Artificial Intelligence? Apparently, most of us visualize it as a machine with the ability to think and make its own decisions. Amazon’s Echo is an example of an AI tool that connects the users to the Alexa Voice Service, which enables the users to perform various activities on their phone through spoken instructions such as make calls, play music, send and receive messages, etc. In short, it shows that the contemporary AI tools muster the power to perform some intricate tasks with ease.

If that sounds incredible, Apple’s Siri is another one that is being upgraded with even more advanced features. It will enable iPhone users to control several apps and perform lengthy tasks with much more ease. For instance, users would no longer be required to launch the LinkedIn app, search for a contact, and type out a message. It can all be done by just uttering “Hi Siri, send a LinkedIn message to Catherine that says, ‘When is the next meeting?’, and Siri would oblige. Can it get better? Well, with the ever improving capabilities of AI, the future holds a lot of surprises for sure.

One of the primary advantages of AI is its ability to handle massive data and the ever improving search engines like Google exhibit that power by delivering only the relevant info to us after parsing the humongous chunks of data on the Internet. It is one of the features of AI that is helping the business to operate their contact centers and other consumer touch points and has the potential to reform customer service as a whole.

As consumers today expect better service, companies are looking for options to offer them quick and quality responses on the platform of their choice. AI can help make these interactions much more personal as it can understand the different patterns of human speech.  Let’s check out some of the ways in which AI tools can reform and improve the environment of customer service.

Personalized Solutions

The AI tools deployed at the contact centers can use the method of machine learning to learn and adapt through experience. By being able to analyze the data from each interaction and automatically build various models of analytical solutions, the AI tools can provide personalized solutions to unique customer-issues. In a scenario where customer issues are based on various factors such as demographics and geography, AI can help in identifying the patterns by being able to parse huge amounts of past customer data. These prototypes can then be handled through specialized methods to deliver personalized solutions to customers.

Human Touch

If a machine is able to detect the expressions of a customer by observing the way he or she speaks a language, it can a significant contribution in making each interaction much more effective and stress-free for the customers. The Natural Language Processing (NLP) is the technology used by AI machines to help understand the speech of customers as it is able to identify the various types of voice modulations across different languages.

Customer Management and Sales Positions

Thus, when the machine is able to understand what the customers intend to say, the solutions can be given much more quickly. It not only makes the entire process highly efficient but also raises the standards of customer service by many notches as customers can explicitly feel the human touch.

Predictive Analysis

Using prognostic analysis in speech psychiatry an AI tool can identify irate customer on the call. It does this by analyzing the voice samples consisting of speech patterns and tone modulations of a set of past customers and matches it with the incoming call. Subsequently, it connects the best sales agent with the caller and enhances the chance of retaining even an irate customer, which in turn can boost the productivity of the contact center.  Also, it can recognize a query based on certain words and help a potential customer get real- time help from an agent, providing an enhanced experience to the customers.

The developments in AI have an enormous potential in creating ideal solutions for the Customer Service industry. As shown by  IBM’s Watson, a cognitive question answering computing system can be integrated with CRMs, which not only has the ability to process language commands but also respond to the unique business queries using relevant information that resembles a real human interaction. The breakthrough in AI technology can recommend solutions to related problems and ensure an immediate resolution in the very first call, enabling the enterprises to improve the first-call-resolutions score to extraordinary levels.

Based on the improvements in cognitive technology, we’ve already reached a technological milestone where a machine is able to comprehend the nuances and sentiment in a verbal request made by human beings, which has maximized the scope of what artificially intelligent machines are capable of achieving in the near future.