07 Apr

Big Data Possibilities in 2015

Big Data Possibilities in 2015
Technology never fails to shock us. Continuously, it keeps coming to us to make our life easier, proficient and well-organized. Big Data also falls in the same category. A lot of thought crosses the mind with lightning speed when one starts thinking about possibility and affect of Big Data in future.

Probable Big Data Possibilities

Big Data economy would touch $125 billion mark

This amount gathered by International Data Corporation (IDC) is approximately to be a sum of income collected by IT service providers who does business in software, hardware and services to let other companies execute big data plan.

Internet of Things

There are millions of substance, living and non-living micro-connected together, to be known as Internet of Things (IoT). Though some are insignificant, the others have noteworthy realistic worth. There might be a time when somebody would have espresso at local café while wearing smart glass.

Textual Analysis

A great deal of the information and data that are being produced and gathered are unstructured data. Since last couple of years, textual analysis popularity has increased so much that machines soon would be further capable of reading a text and recognize its sentiment and premise.

Data Visualization Tool

Data Visualization Tool utilizes specialized information technology which is built to curate visualizations from unprocessed data, making it simpler to connect the dots between reason and result. 2015 would see a lot more application of this tool as it is expected to raise more over 25 times more than other BI tools and technologies.

Real-time Analysis

Real-time analysis is a procedure of providing data and insight about business function as they happen. Real time means close to nil latency and availability to data whenever it is necessary. Business dealings as they happen are given to a real-time analysis mechanism that manages the present state of the organization.

In-memory Data Processing

In-memory data processing is a method to demand information when it is inherent in in a RAM, as contrast to asking information that is kept in physical disks. This leads to enormously decreased demand response times, letting organizations to make quicker decisions.

Fear of Privacy

Privacy violation has followed after the biggest companies like Apple, Sony and Snapchat to interrupt their security balance. Though, that’s not preventing people from sharing their private data on social platform and other websites. There might be such a shocking hack or data seep out that people would undergo a paradigm shift about the threat possibility in making their private information public.