22 Dec

How to achieve Excellence in Customer Service

 Excellence in Customer Service

Customers are the primary stakeholders of a company and provide the foundation for its success. If a company wants the wheel of its profitability and growth to keep rolling, then it needs to focus on Customer Service, which is one of the most important cogs in the wheel.

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25 Oct

Key Tips to Improve Customer Experience Tactics

Customer Experience Tactics

The evolution of technology-driven communication has transformed a customer journey in many ways. It has not only become dynamic but also much more unpredictable than ever before. It has forced the organizations to go beyond the traditional mindset and focus on customer experience. Customer service is now about strategic solutions that meet the evolving needs of the digital-savvy consumers.

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16 Aug

Digitalization of Customer-Experience: Four Key Steps to follow

Digitalization of Customer-Experience

Last few years have seen a surge in competition among brands to deliver end-to-end customer experience (CX). The exponential increase in online users, along with the ever improving connectivity between businesses and consumers, are the prime factors that have forced enterprises to focus on digital customer experience. Apparently, it has evolved as one of the ideal methods to keep pace with the target audience. Moreover, digitalization has also opened up many opportunities for businesses to surge ahead of their competitors.

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10 Apr

How Can Live Chat Help Your Business?

How Live Chat help your Business

There are many potential benefits of being able to chat directly with your website’s visitors. These advantages make live chat a critical communication platform for all businesses focused on delivering an enhanced customer experience.

Live chat can be a huge advantage for online business models, especially e-commerce. It’s because the platform enables the businesses to attend to their online customers in the same way as they would with customers in their physical store.

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20 Mar

Multichannel Customer Engagement

Multichannel Customer Engagement

Customer engagement is defined as a non-monetary activity between the customer and a brand for understanding the customer better. It helps to build more trust and loyalty with the identification of newer marketing opportunities. In the digital age, multichannel customer engagement is slowly becoming mandatory as customers want a multichannel presence as they are present in multiple channels and expect their favorite brands to be present as well. This helps in both proactive and reactive engagement of customers making brands identify new marketing initiatives. It helps in reducing customer churn by identifying predictive customer behaviors that indicate the probability of customers becoming disengaged. Multichannel customer engagement also drives higher value and helps in building more brand loyalty and creating a long-term relationship.

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27 Feb

How to Plan an Effective Operational Performance Strategy for a Call Center

call center operational performance strategy

Call center agents answer the incoming calls of the customers or place outgoing calls remotely without meeting the customers face-to-face. In doing so, it may be obvious for them to lose sight of the bigger picture which may turn out to be a hindrance in working towards the company’s goals. In such a work setting an effective performance management system removes any guesswork and introduces clear and shared goals promoting success with the timely achievement of objectives.

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25 Jan

Three Current Trends that Could Transform Customer Experience in 2018

Three Current Trends that could transform Customer Experience in 2018

The expectations from the customers are higher than ever, and progressive brands have already identified the importance of customer experience (CX) in a bid to live up to those expectations. From mapping an efficient customer journey to guiding the customers through the process, CX has turned into a vital link that businesses need to stay connected with their customers. Even in 2018, CX would continue to be the primary factor required for building the customer’s trust, and a brand’s identity.

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21 Dec

Four Simple Tips to Reduce Customer Churn

Four Simple Tips to Reduce Customer Churn

Along with increasing profits every business endeavors to increase its number of customers as well. However, at the same time, it also has to retain its existing customers. It’s because, if a company keeps losing its existing customers, resulting in high churn rate, then it would find it difficult to grow, even after adding a considerable number of new customers every month.

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