06 Nov

What matters in Mortgage Servicing?

Mortgage Servicing

A Mortgage loan involves a series of critical tasks. Mortgage servicing is one of the primary aspects of the process that deals with loan payment collections and similar services related to mortgages industries. It also covers the mortgage-backed securities, which are essentially used during high-value transactions. Being a specialized task Mortgage servicing often requires the expertise of a dedicated third-party known as the servicer, who handles the day-to-day tasks of administering the loan. As it’s an essential responsibility, lending institutions might be prompted to hire one or more for the purpose. Read More

12 Oct

How to succeed in the Competitive Mortgage Market

Competitive Mortgage MarketIn the last few years, the mortgage industry has gradually turned into a seller’s market. It’s because the number of buyers has been exceeding the number of houses for sale. When properties are being sold off more quickly, mortgage firms have the opportunity to improve their revenue as the estates would be selling for more than the asking price. However, it has also led to a strong competition among the mortgage companies.

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30 Aug

How Professional Tax Reporting Works

How professional Tax Reporting works

The primary aim of a Tax report is to accrue all types of tax liens clouding a property’s title. The information provided by the report includes the status and figures of vesting property tax that the owner of the property has to pay to municipal bodies, banks, and lending institutions. The comprehensive statement is vital for carrying out various financial and commercial transactions related to the property such as the pre-closure of a mortgage loan or the eventual sale of the property.

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31 Jul

Five Current Trends in the Housing Industry

Five Current Trends in the Housing Industry

There seems to be no end to the price boom in the housing industry. As the trend of rising home prices is yet to reach its peak, players in the market are having their own thoughts about the scenario. Discussed below are some exciting insights that demonstrate different perspectives on the market. However, irrespective of the differences in viewpoints, we can be confident about the market’s health, which is only getting stronger by the day.

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28 Jun

Does Lowest Mortgage Rate always mean the Best Mortgage deal?

Best Mortgage deal

The interest rate is a proportion of the total amount loaned, customarily expressed in percentage of the sum. As the duration of most mortgage loans run for many years, even a minor reduction in the interest can correspond to significant savings in the overall repayable amount of the loan over its lifetime. However, it’s not the interest rate that can increase the projected monthly mortgage payment.

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04 Jun

The Key Role of Title Insurance in the Home-Buying Process

Title Insurance in the home-buying process

Even with changing times, owning a home continues to be the primary goal of many Americans. However, the intricacies involved in the home buying process along with the effort to obtain a home loan can be an extremely stressful experience. It can be even more challenging for first-time home buyers. It can get even difficult for those who are not aware of the lesser-known aspects of the home buying process. Read More

08 Feb

Top 10 Popular Blogs on Mortgage Industry

The Top 10 Popular Blogs on Mortgage Industry

The ever-evolving mortgage industry has made the enterprises to seek specialized integrated mortgage services. Orchestrate Technologies, LLC, with its expertise in mortgage service and infrastructure can provide the required capabilities to businesses across the industry. The dynamic landscape has lending institutions looking for innovative solutions to meet fluctuating demand and counter the pertinently changing rules and regulations while being able to provide an enhanced experience to the clients.

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