10 May

Technology And Title Search: How Technology Helps Title Search With Accurate And Faster Results

For decades, the Title Search market has been a complex, inefficient, and paper-based process. Furthermore, the records stored at the county level make it difficult to operate on a nationwide scale. This seems to be changing with the advent of technology.

The past few years have seen a shift in the role of the real estate agent. Homebuyers are now seemingly able to explore home listings using online search portals and digital touch prints even before they connect with an agent. Read More

03 May

Common Title Problems to Look Out For


There are many ways in which real estate can be acquired and disposed of. No matter how the ownership of the property changes, the question of whether the title is clean or clouded still occurs. A representative of the title insurance company called the title agent will determine the history of the property’s ownership by going through public records. The title agent will also look for liens that could have been attached to the property and other encumbrances that may be present. Once the title search is complete, an Abstract of the Title is created. An attorney then prepares an Opinion of Title, which may consist of coverage, qualifications, conditions, and limitations, all of which will be used by the insurance company to prepare the actual insurance coverage. The new owner or/and his subsequent heirs will be protected by the title insurance policy against consequential losses that may occur from future claims made by a third party. It is important that potential title problems be discovered during the title search and should be dealt with before closing. Read More

29 Mar

How to Choose the Best Outsourcing Title Search Company

Title insurance is a unique financial instrument when compared to other insurance products. Simultaneously, the latter is for protection from future eventualities, title insurance guards against past incidents.

Title insurance companies have to be cautious when they conduct title search operations; else it can backfire. Hence, choosing a reputable outsourcing title search and settlement service provider is crucial for title insurance companies. Outsourcing to mortgage and title search companies not only helps decrease burden but also helps business grow as they work accurately and flexibly. Read More