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Cloud Computing benefits beyond Agility, Scalability and Mobility

Cloud Computing benefits beyond Agility, Scalability and Mobility

The profit of Cloud Computing has been a topic of debate, ever since its origin. Anyone with a reasonable information and knowledge about this time of internet, virtualization and computing knows importance of cloud computing and how it has been a huge advantage to organizations of all sizes. It has been beneficial not only in terms of economy but also in terms of agility, scalability and mobility. There are two more advantages of Cloud Computing – its simplicity and velocity. It has not that not gotten the attention as much as they justify.

We can measure the simplicity of an application by finding out number of department in same organization has adopted the application. To begin with:

  • Cloud Computing makes work easy for the higher management by facilitating trouble-free implementation of application across several IT environments.
  • The truth that advancement & application maintenance accountability moves to offshore IT service provider means the implementation squad needs a lesser amount of time, knowledge and cost to manage and maintain system operations.
  • It offers justification for licenses needed for applications and extra storage capability requirements. It allows for purchase on need basis.
  • Cloud computing relieves enterprises by automating monotonous, recurring jobs and allow them concentrate more on core business.

Touching on second part, velocity, there is a general mistaken belief that velocity and speed is same. Velocity and speed has two different meaning. Velocity is not just a calculation of how quick a particle is moving but it is also about the direction of the particle. A unique nature of a growing Cloud Computing is amount of optimization happening to get servers on the parallel wavelength of the business and application needs. For Cloud Computing to get advantage of velocity, it must be firm on a path that is only intended to successful implementation of an application that allows the organization to create more revenue.

A perfect Cloud Computing practice takes advantage of functional competence as it offers benefits of improved agility, low expenditure, enhanced scalability and also simplicity and velocity. Cloud computing should concentrate on providing methods, techniques and practices that permits application optimization and an excellent service level. Success of this should be measured by application performance.

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