07 Dec

Cloud Security Concerns and the Evolving Trends in 2016

Cloud Security Trends 2016

Cloud is today an integral part of enterprises that want to scale and drive down costs. Enterprise cloud is rightly getting the attention from the top echelons of the corporate world.  Companies are investing big money into the cloud. But there are lingering concerns regarding cloud security. It is expected the evolution of cloud in 2016 will mitigate most of the risks and make more enterprises to jump on the cloud bandwagon.

Here is a primer on the evolving enterprise cloud scenario:

Cloud evolution is moving at a breakneck speed and the benefits of adopting cloud technologies are immense. This naturally brings us to the question of what are the hottest trends that we are going to see in the days to come:

  • Expect more applications on the cloud

All data points to the fact that enterprises of all sizes are making a beeline for the cloud. A majority of enterprises consider cloud as a strategic differentiating factor for their business. This has made the top management of enterprises to invest an increasingly larger portion of their revenue into cloud activities.

  • Personalization is the way to go

Cloud can be categorized as private, public or hybrid. The best part of the cloud is that you can choose to have whatever service you want to have for whatever period necessary with the option to pay for only what you are using. Expect the cloud of tomorrow to be more accessible, flexible and serving various industries in a highly customized way.

Companies will be hosting mission-critical data on their own private cloud while deploying large iterative processes that have less confidential data within the public cloud.

  • More developers will build for the cloud

Software developers are going to concentrate primarily on programs that are delivered via the cloud. The three basic cloud delivery models viz. Software as a Service, Infrastructure as a Service and Platform as a Service  are going to see renewed interest by the developer community. As per research firm IDC there is going to be heightened activity from enterprise developers, collaborators, and freelancing developers with regards to the cloud platform.

  • Innovation will get an impetus thanks to cloud

Newer products and services can be expected to get a shot in the arm thanks to the ubiquity of cloud and its far-reaching implications. Today even a start-up that is bootstrapping can find the funds to migrate its operations to the cloud. This way more and more companies can concentrate on brining innovative ideas to life. Going forward technological products and services will see a drop in prices courtesy of the cloud.

The cloud data security issues:

Security is one of the gravest concerns for any company wanting to switch to the cloud. Today’s cyber criminals are getting highly sophisticated and tracing their motives and actions is a tough nut to crack.

The information that was once on your own corporate servers today lies in some cloud storage vendor’s server half way across the globe. This might drive down costs and improve efficiencies but there are obvious reasons to always be on alert and take the necessary precautions.

Expect to see a lot of resources and time devoted by cloud service providers for security issues in the days to come. Data analytics and machine learning algorithms will be taking centre stage in an effort to keep the bad elements at bay.  Old ways of securing your platform and data are not going to work in this day and age of the protean cyber criminal.

More than being reactive the need of the hour is to be proactive. Anticipating the motive of the lawbreakers before the move is even made is the way to go. Here are some of the ways to secure your cloud data:

  • The sensitive and confidential data has to be clearly highlighted and tagged
  • A centralized monitoring and auditing of data has be done on a regular basis
  • Avoid all unauthorized data changes, edits, updates and deletion
  • Need for creating multiple layers of protection is mandatory
  • Security measures like antimalware, antispyware and firewalls have to be installed
  • Data in-flight can be protected using VPNs, encryption and IPSec protocol

When it comes to enterprises, data is equivalent to gold. The cloud platforms that are used to access the software also need to be totally secure. Security needs to be a prime concern in order to keep your customers, partners and all stakeholders happy. There is a need for newer tools in order to be ahead of the dodgy elements.