12 Dec

Critical Business Verticals that Need Urgent Automation

Critical Business Domains That Need Urgent Automation

Digitalization has many advantages to benefit businesses. One of them is to minimize the usage of critical resources on redundant tasks. Traditionally, many business domains borne the burden of unwanted expenses spent on various repetitive activities. Subsequently, automation has played a vital role in eliminating those costs.

Although automation through AI is usually perceived as a threat to employment, it can be effectively used to maximize productivity and minimize both human errors and expenditure. It could, in turn, lead to increase in employment as a result of higher demand for better quality deliverables.

Organizations keen to achieve progress can start by enlisting the tasks to be automated across all the business areas. However, they also need to ensure that it would not only help them realize their full potential but even tackle the issue of unemployment smartly. Discussed below are the critical business areas that can be improved through automation.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is all about distribution of content through the right channels. The objective is to attract relevant traffic through organic, paid, and owned media. However, it important to note that even the best content may not be able to perform as per the expectations unless the right audience consumes it. One of the ideal ways to achieve this is to drive engagement by finding and sharing user-generated content (UGC) that resonates with the target audience.

However, curation of relevant UGC requires constant monitoring of latest trending topics, popular memes, hottest trends, etc. Wading through a huge amount of info on the internet can be a challenging task, and here’s where automation can play a significant role.

Automation of the content curation process could not only help in saving time and effort but can also maximize the amount of relevant info being gathered. Using freemium software tools that come packed with features for curation can play a significant role in improving the efficiency of content marketing initiatives.

Social Networking

Be it editing, scheduling or analyzing the performance of each social media post, each activity requires considerable effort. However, if you have the right set of tools to automate the tasks, significant savings on resources, time, and effort can be achieved. Using the appropriate mix of both free and paid tools, management and performance monitoring of your brand across social channels can be efficiently performed with minimal human errors.

Domains that need urgent automation-Stat

Email Campaigns

Simple Email Marketing initiative such as sending a newsletter as part of a lone campaign may be feasible. On the other hand, manually creating and sending emails to each user who signs up on your website can be monotonous and time-consuming. It can be the same with weekly newsletters and other promotional emails that have to be sent regularly.

The task can be automated using tools from specialized email service providers (ESPs). This would not only allow customization of the emails as per the brand requirements, but the ability to schedule them appropriately can maximize their reach and effectiveness. Moreover, with advanced analytical features such as also A/B testing, marketers can gain valuable insights to engage potential customers in a better way.

Customer Service

The ideal customer service is about delivering a level of responsiveness that can enhance the overall customer experience. Businesses handling this manually may face considerable challenges in case the call volumes are too high. On the other hand, automation can make the process of handling nonstop queries far more sustainable.

By using AI tools such as Virtual assistants and Chatbots, companies can provide undivided attention to every customer for considerably longer periods. These tools can be a useful support for service representatives by being deployed as an interface to the static self-service FAQs.

Customers would be able to talk to the Chatbots and get the answers to redundant queries, while expert representatives can address unique and critical issues. This would not only help in handling the spikes in call volumes but can also maintain the quality of the service. Thus, it would have a positive impact on customer experience.

Customer Service also includes keeping track of all the information related to the customers and prospects. Be it the personal info or the purchase history, making a database entry about everything related to customers is usually a necessity. However, the process of tracking each bit of info can get overwhelming with the ever-increasing number of customers.

Handling it all manually might not be the right idea after all, and automating it through a reliable CRM tool should be the ideal option. A comprehensive CRM platform would not only help in capturing the customer info with minimal effort, but also facilitate the development of effective communication channels. It can also lead to improved analytical reporting, which could pave the way for better decision making and higher revenue.

In addition, there are several other domains such as Accounting and Recruitment that include various repetitive tasks, which can all be automated to maximize the overall efficiency and productivity.