17 Apr

Customer support through Social Contact Center

Orchestrate Blog - Customer support through Social Contact Center

Social media is quickly becoming a key element of the customer service experience. Social channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest offer scope for consumers to gather and share facts about their procurement and service experience. This information presents insights and assists companies to understand driving force behind a purchase. But not every company see social channel in the same light and a lot of them are not able to foresee how to take advantage of the fast expansion in the social media.

For businesses, social media began as no cost marketing channel but now it has become one of the most valuable medium not only for marketing but sales, customer service and R&D. Companies are starting to be grateful for the assistance they get from social channel while executing brand building exercise. It is compelling organizations to re-strategies their social channel usage for business which was being used only for brand building.

Listening to consumers, obtaining customer analytics and replying to interactions are main business needs of social channels. Enterprises are in need of support with all of these activities and in implementing technologies that are being created to take advantage of social channels. Many business process management service providers have begun to leverage this opening.

A lot of BPOs has bundled social media monitoring and reputation management services with their customer service offerings. They understand the value of replying to consumer issues shared on social platforms to push customer service experience beyond the expectation. Many contact center service providers have associated with analytics companies to use modern tool for data analytics. They are also enhancing their capacity to provide full fledged social BPM by investing in new technologies.

An excellent social BPM can be a good assistance for a business by providing tool and resources to run end-to-end social contact center. Big brands are already leveraging these services offered by BPMs. For enterprises, this assessment to partner with a social media BPO should be on the basis of their brand’s objective and social media goals.

Providing customer experience through social channels occupies more than customer engagement on the particular platform. It is also about being with customer on social channels, being considerate about their expectation, and providing service at their choice of channel. Utilizing social channel completely can be multifaceted. It can be made simpler by including social contact center with overall consumer engagement approach and incorporated with rest of the support channels.

Customer support through social channel is changing the approach that businesses are taking to communicate with consumers. Several factors such as business need to reply to comment posted on social channels, enhance customer experience, improve brand loyalty are pushing this development. Interacting with consumers on the platform of their wish is an element of making sure having satisfied customers that needs companies to re-consider their proficiency and business objectives.