24 Oct

Effective lead magnet ideas to convert visitors to leads

Effective lead magnet ideas to convert visitors to leads

Once you’ve finished building a website to attract visitors, it’s apparent to start talking about the earnings. However, you’ve still got to convert those visitors into customers before even thinking about profit. Apparently, not every individual who visits your website would turn into your loyal customer at the very first instance. For this, it’s important to win their trust, which begins by convincing them about your brand and offerings and nurturing their thoughts through a well-defined engagement process.

It’s been observed across industries that a typical conversion ratio hovers around 2-3 customers per hundred visitors. However, it can be increased by employing an appropriate lead magnet. A lead magnet is a value proposition offered to the website visitors in order to attract them and get their contact details in exchange. Visitors who find the offer interesting would provide their phone number or email addresses to accept that value. These visitors have now turned into leads and can be converted into customers through proper targeted communication.

To begin with, you need to develop a lead magnet that addresses a specific problem. It’s because visitors who are seeking a solution to a unique problem are most likely to try out a new product. For this to happen, they have to be convinced that your product can solve their issue, and only then it would be able to match the customer’s perceived value as well as justify its actual value.

Also, if you are using a tool as a lead magnet, it needs to be easily accessible and comprehensible. A complicated product that’s difficult to use and even difficult to access is not going to win the trust of the users. Moreover, the tool should be able to demonstrate your proficiency as a solution provider, which in turn, would cement your brand’s reputation.

Convert Visitors to Leads Stats

Discussed below are some of the B2B lead magnet ideas that can potentially maximize the conversion rate of visitors into leads. They have been broadly categorized into two types – i) Educational and/or Inspirational ii) Functional and/or Consumable

The educational or inspirational category includes
i. Resource Docs
ii. eBooks
iii. Case Studies or Success Storie’s
iv. Webinars
v. Infographics and more.

The functional and/or consumable type can consist of 
i. Special Discounts
ii. Web Apps
iii. Resource lists/Toolkits
iv. Free Trial
v. Coupons & Vouchers, etc.

Resource Documents: Offering your potential customers, the information they will value, is an effective way of engaging with them. The informative content packaged as a Resource resource guide or document is an ideal way to share the valuable info. Moreover, by branding the interesting info included in the guides, you will not just help the visitors boost their knowledge on a specific topic but can also improve your brands recall value.

EBooks: The advent of Internet has made it possible for us to find information on almost anything we wish to. However, most of the info is not organized and sometimes two different sources can offer an entirely different info perspective on the same topic. Here is where a comprehensive knowledge source such as eBook can be highly useful. An eBook not only informs you about up-to-date info on a given topic but also shares expert insights such as how to achieve a goal attached to the topic.

Case Studies or Success Stories: Prospective customers who are on the verge of turning into customers may want to find out how you execute the business with your other customers, and Case Studies are an effective way of informing them about your achievements. Similarly, the success stories of other clients who have been in business with you can also be an inspiration for others who wish to achieve the same kind of success after associating with you.

Webinars: An interesting webinar on an equally interesting topic is bound to have high perceived value. It is also more appealing because of its urgency as it only occurs at a specific time. Exchanging their email id for the wealth of knowledge they can gain from webinars on hot topics is usually a lucrative deal for most visitors.

Infographics: Based on the concept of representing facts and figures through visually appealing graphics, on a single page, makes Infographics a fascinating lead magnet. Being easy to comprehend, they are attractive and useful for all types of audience. Compatible with most social media platforms, infographics can help in creating backlinks, which in turn can increase traffic to your website.

Web App: Being a tool that resides on your site, a web app can be easily distributed to the visitors. As it requires a login id, users can use their email id for accessing it, which is one of the smartest ways to get maximum leads in quick time.

Resource lists/Toolkits: A set of software tools or plugins used by experts to achieve a defined goal, is known as a toolkit, and can be used as an effective lead magnet. As most of us want to know and learn about the tools used by the professionals, a toolkit being offered for free can be an attractive bargain for most visitors. For instance, a user looking to increase the CTR in Google AdWords is bound to get attracted by a tool-kit used by experts.

• Special Discounts, Exclusive Offers, Coupons & Vouchers, and Free Trials: When you launched a new software, there are various ways to get your visitors hooked to it, and one of the most popular ways is to offer a free trial. Not only does it let the users experience the new features, but also assures them of the performance. In such a case, users who have found it useful would be ready to pay even a higher price if demanded. Similarly, Special Discounts for clients with a huge order can help you seal the deal easily.

Thus, you can improve the returns on your marketing efforts, as more leads can be captured and converted into customers through these lead magnets. A valuable lead magnet such as a web app, toolkit or an eBook is sure to surprise your visitors, especially when it’s being given away for free. Most would not hesitate to provide their email ids or contact details in exchange, especially when they identify the special value it offers, in turn giving you an effective lead. Apparently, the more effective leads you to have, the more conversions you would make. As a result, a lead magnet can go a long way in optimizing the Lead management initiative of facilitating a connection between consumer advertising and the overall response.

Key Takeaways

  • A lead magnet is a value proposition offered to the website visitors in order to attract them and get their contact details in exchange.
  • An efficient lead magnet that’s easy to use can help you win the trust of the users.