11 May

Email Marketing in 2017: Key Predictions

Email Marketing in 2017

The rise of social media heralded an uncomfortable existence for email marketing. It even got to a point of being considered archaic and was ignored in favour of some trailblazing features offered by social media. But email marketing stood its ground and persisted to be one of the simplest and highly effective methods of online marketing. It is now back with vengeance and has emerged not just as the workhorse behind success of digital commerce landscape, but also a primary force that is driving the full gamut of marketing initiatives. After having subdued the marketing dispensation for large screen personal computers, email marketing is now turned fundamental to the mobile marketing strategies. As emailing is the one of the primary activities performed on Smartphones since its inception, the rising adoption of responsive email design is increasing the conversion rates to commendable levels.

As we grow cognitive of the various benefits entailing email marketing, the impressive analytical results from the past can enable us to predict the trends email marketing is most likely to follow in the year 2017.

Consumers seeking personalized responses to their interactions with brands can be addressed by email marketing if their numbers are manageable. However, managing zillions of email conversations to drive personalised experience can be tricky. Automation of email marketing can serve as solution to a reasonable extent, though it is not the complete resolution.

1It is predicted that in 2017, email marketing will focus more on the aspect of automation. Emerging technologies centered on deriving more utility through integrated features designed to connect with products and apps will enable marketers to use emails much more creatively. This will help them to alter the email conversations not just on preemptive solutions but on the overall consumer behavior to make it more personalised.

The other important aspect of automated email marketing is that it can make the whole exercise much more well-timed, turning the overall conversation to be more appealing and relevant to the target audience.

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2In 2017, the list of ever growing triggers for automated emailing is set to grow further. The focus shall be on sending messages that are not merely engaging but also add greater context in terms of customization and value. This is bound to increase the complexity of targeted messaging needing special expertise to handle them with diligence.

Email marketing is going through an integration deluge, where consumer perceptions are being melded into enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM) systems like never before. Carrying its significance of being the primary digital marketing channel, emailing has turned into an organization’s ideal source of analytical data, which is helping marketers by providing actionable insights.

3In 2017, the cumulative effect of this connivance could see it elevated further in marketing stature. When consumer perceptions are integrated in the email marketing agenda by integrating it ERP and CRM systems, it would explicitly get closer in attaining a one-to-one promotional paradigm. This will enable businesses to gain traction and perceive the consumer preferences in a better way while optimizing the channel to achieve significant largesse. The effectual deployment of the overall initiative will not just facilitate the customer-journey and but also go a long way in amplifying consumer-lifetime value.

Cementing its status as a predominant channel in a marketer’s repository, email marketing, has undergone a paradigm shift. Having started off as text-only, the email- content embraced multimedia consummately. The transformation from PC to mobile-first has also been an exceptional one. But the changes are not going to recede, and marketers are staring at another major revolution. The impact was already being felt with the emergence of coding emails; but with technological evolution determined to make emailing simpler by the day, it is now deemed to become a passé.

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4With coding emails making way to email design, 2017 ushers a new era that is bound to become drop dead simple with compromising on functionality. The high-tech tools integrated with cutting-edge drag-and-drop technology are promising a range of innovative features. When unleashed in their incumbent versions, every rookie could turn into a specialized email marketer. This would enable the marketing professionals to churn-out inspiring and engaging email marketing campaigns that are bound to deliver impressive results. The future would see some of the most amazing edge-to-edge emails designs, highly responsive, independent of platform, screen-size, and device. With interactive options, big and bold banners, coupled with engaging messaging and clear call to actions, emails would be replete with personalized communication. Appended with neo- spastic triggering, they would become much more relevant to the targeted audience, delivering enhanced customer experience.

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Email automation is on the verge of getting simpler, robust and much more accessible. This ascribes that marketers from all walks of businesses, irrespective of the magnitudes, are bound for its subscription. This harbingers the need for comprehensible versions of the same template, which are much more editable. The solution lies in modular templates, which are not just convenient as they continue with the conventional segmentation cost effectively, but they are swift and would save useful time through WYSIWYG editors. This would require only the content to be edited, which either can be done dynamically or manually to suit the purpose. The modular templates can make the emailing exercise much more relevant to each subscriber by adding an element of personalization and timing them accurately.

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52017 is expected to be the year when modular template designing could be taken to a whole new level. Based on the type of email campaigns, modular templates could be rearranged swiftly, corresponding to the preferences of the subscribers to make them much more effective in context. The challenge is to come up with innovation version that can quickly edit the designs without having to begin from scratch. This would allow for maximized consistency and quality, giving the email marketers an impetus they have been yearning for long.

Kinetic email is the cutting-edge emailing solution that promises truer user interactivity. It goes beyond animated GIFs to deliver powerful animations. Kinetic email can enable marketers to develop engaging and eye-catching campaigns that are much more conspicuous in a recipient’s inbox. Having started off with simplistic features like snow-fall animations and basic image rollovers, kinetic emails currently feature progressively ambitious designs that are far more interactive. Businesses have started to realize its potential to improve the brand experience in a customer’s inbox. Consumers are willing to view advanced kinetic emailing content that is much more exciting and is bound to make it significantly engaging.

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62017 would see businesses utilize the incredible attributes of kinetic email to express their brand identity in newer way. With novel engaging medium to interact with the customers, the technology is bound to become conventional. The level of interactive communication would also take a boost with Kinetic email, resulting in enhanced customer experience. This could ensure the elevation of email marketing to the status of pivotal touch-point in the customer journey.

Applying the algorithms to data using insights to make predictions or decisions contextually describes machine learning in its essence. The content served using these insights from the data offers much more relevancy as compared to the explicit set of instructions marketer are designated with. While the concept has been around for a while, when applied to data mining, it can drive email marketing ROIs over the roof.

72017 could watch the advantages of machine learning to continually improve the results. The higher the volume of data supplied the more accurate the results are going to be, which would also make them far more personalized and valuable. Machine learning also allows efficiency which would allow markets to coordinate their campaigns much more effectually.

As email marketing promises to go further on innovation and functional aspects marketers are bound to find success through simplistic automated campaigns. Unleashing its enormous potential will help them achieve superior consumer experience through pragmatic campaigns and broadcasts.

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Key Takeaways

  • Email marketing has persisted to offer effective results and has emerged as the driving force behind the entire gamut of marketing initiatives.
  • The rising adoption of responsive email design is increasing the conversion rates on smartphones to commendable levels.
  • Automated emails have come to the fore to address the needs for superior personalized experience to customers.
  • Innovation in triggers for automated emailing would make the campaigns much more timely and relevant to the subscribers.
  • Integrating email marketing with CRM and ERP system will bring it closer in attaining a one-to-one promotional paradigm with customers.
  • Modular templates could drive email automation to make it simpler, robust and much more accessible. This would enable marketers to run campaigns of all magnitudes much more easily.
  • The innovative features of drag-and-drop technology will make email marketing simpler and far more convenient.
  • Kinetic email can enable marketers to develop engaging and eye-catching campaigns that are much more conspicuous in a recipient’s inbox.
  • By applying machine learning to data mining, marketers can use their email marketing toolkit to continually improve results and drive profits.