14 Apr

Email Tracking beyond Open and Bounce Rate

Email Tracking beyond Open and Bounce Rate

Email campaign ROI is far simpler to determine than conventional method of marketing and therefore should be executed and utilized to evaluate this marketing approach success. Evaluating campaign success is as important as implementation of the same. Marketing activities evaluation needs to be done in order to understand its effectiveness. Incorporation of higher level of information technology into day-to-day business tools like outlook enables organizations to evaluate efficacy of the marketing activities.

Email marketing has also evolved and matured in past few years like other marketing methods. Having huge database of prospects with their email id, sending mass mailer to them and waiting for their response has become a thing of past. A prospect needs to receive the mail, open, read, click on links to gather more information and then reply to the sender if product or service fits to the requirement. In the past, marketer had no idea if email has been delivered, open, read or links has been clicked to determine prospect’s interest in the product or services. Email tracker fills this gap and provides all the require information to implement next course of action.

As the fundamental of sales process says, post marketing activities prospects needs to be followed up through call or email to qualify the lead. Success of follow up call or email is highly dependent on its timing. Determining the time to follow up is most difficult task for any salesperson. Email tracker allows salesperson to determine the follow up timing and also not to wait for response after a mailer has been sent. It provides timeline data such as mail delivery, open, read and click through timings so that a salesperson would know that when a prospect is ready to receive a follow up call.

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A salesperson need to have real time data to act quickly and convert a hot lead into closed deal. Email tracker provides real-time notification when a mail gets opened by prospect. A call to a prospect that has just opened email is 10X more likely to result in a live conversation. An email tracker does not stop here but digs much deeper to help a salesperson in the process of lead qualification and deal closure. It delivers information on number of times mail has been opened which provides understanding on level of interest for product or service that helps to prepare much better sales pitch. Data on prospect’s location and device on which mail has been opened not only helps to understand prospect but also assist in to improve email design.

These data and information are precious to determine a course of action after sending email. Email tracking enables businesses to communicate with prospects at an appropriate time on the basis of their activities and preferences. It also helps to reduce operational cost by eliminating unproductive follow-up calls. Email tracking and reporting is simple to implement and a key element for a business to run an effective email campaign. Use email tracker to know prospect and approach them on appropriate time close more deals and achieve your quota.