20 Oct

Finance and Accounting an optimum target operating model – Free eBook

Finance & Accounting An Optimum Target

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Building a finance and accounting services firm that is totally unconstrained in meeting the global and cross-functional business requirements is the primary challenge of new age CFOs. Various challenges such as compliance and limited budget, add immense pressure on the resources. Acquiring the right talent and navigating the ever changing market scenarios with a single dimensional strategy can only account for temporary reprieve. Hence, a multiple dimensional operational model that integrates the various factors such as technology, workforce and talent can provide sustained results.

This featured guide describes an optimal target operating model that can play a crucial role in driving the finance and accounting transformation programs of an organization. The framework consists of some of the most valuable vantage points that have proved beneficial for many finance and accounting firms across the globe. By perusing these key elements of optimum target operating model, even you can achieve quantum gains in your transformation journey.