13 Apr

Four Strategies to Achieve Better Brand Recognition

Four Strategies to Achieve Better Brand Recognition

The primary goal of a branding strategy is to ensure a brand’s image attracts the consumers during their purchase decisions. Such an impact can only be created subtly and needs a considerable investment of both time and money.

Branding initiatives for achieving better brand recognition were always required to keep pace with the buying patterns and other broader emotions of the consumers. As a result, they have evolved significantly over a period. Let’s have a look at some of the ideal strategies that are employed currently.

1. Value-addition

The brand promotion initiatives should cover the overall value provided by the brand, which includes exceptional pre and post sales support that culminates into seamless buying experience. Educating the consumers on various issues related to their offerings is another smart value of building a cherished and compassionate brand.

For instance, a dental care brand offering a range of products such as toothbrush, toothpaste, and mouthwash can educate the audience about the dental hygiene along with insights on improving dental health. Also, the manufacturer can personalize the buying experience by understanding the customers’ unique dental needs and offering them with the suitable product(s) from its range.

Achieving Better Brand Recognition

2. Visibility

A brand has to constantly remind the audience of its existence to ensure better recall value among the consumers. Constant engagement is the ideal means to garner visibility and can be achieved through both online and offline media. Social media is an efficient platform to keep the prospects and existing customers engaged. Television ads and other forms of promotional mechanisms such as event sponsorship can consistently keep the brand visible and effervescent.

Cost effective means such as e-mailers and newsletters can be shared regularly with customer to keep them informed about the latest news, offers or special discounts, which can add to the visibility.

3. Re-targeting Ads

Companies can Use Search Result Re-targeting as an effective means to nurture compelling brand recall. Re-targeted ads are distinctive digital display ads that are aimed at the online visitors who appear to be interested in the company’s offerings. The users’ interest is revealed by their interaction with digital assets during their visit to the website, before leaving it midway without completing the intended action such as buying a product or filling up a subscription form.

Re-targeting can encourage such users to return to the site and complete the unfinished actions and by stimulating a strong brand recall through more personalized and directed messaging. The technique can be used in any of the following scenarios.

  • Abandoned shopping carts by visitors who have already visited the site.
  • Intended actions not performed by the users who have opened the emails.
  • Tracking users performing Search using product or service name

Branding Strategy

4. Online Presence

The current digital business environment dictates every organization to have a digital presence in the form of a website and a dedicated page on at least one social networking site. Driven by the need to optimize the website for the target audience, businesses are now compelled to make their sites mobile-friendly by opting for responsive design. Moreover, the site should also be optimized for search engines, and appropriated keywords need to be inserted in web pages to drive online traffic.

The website can also be used as an effective platform to address unique concerns of individual customers apart from its efficacy as a promotional channel for the company’s offerings. It can also narrate the story of the business and how it came into existence as well as its values, culture, ethics, etc., which can initiate an emotional connect with the visitors.

Businesses seeking better customer experience and engagement can also go for mobile apps, which also provide a key opportunity to promote the brand. However, care needs to be taken to streamline the messaging across all the platforms, which would instigate quick brand recall among the customers.

Better Brand Recognition

Key Takeaways

  • When consumers are aware of your brand, there is a better chance of converting them into customers.
  • Marketers need to identify the ideal strategies that are limited in the budget, yet can put your brand above the competitors so that it can achieve better recognition among the consumers.