17 Mar

Gamification in E-Commerce

Gamification in E-Commerce

Gamification is one of the most discussed subject matter since past few years. The idea of Gamification has gone beyond badges & points and is acknowledged as a process on the basis of behavioral and motivational psychology. Alongside enterprise applications, consumer service structure and marketing campaigns it has also been used by quite a lot of e-commerce websites to compel participation & engagement.

Bringing more traffic, converting visitors into users and then customers, winning customers to drive more involvement and encouraging them for social advocacy are various challenges encountered by most of the e-commerce sites.

Gamification offers a range of opportunities to e-commerce sites that they can gamify. It permits e-commerce sites to encourage customers for engaging with the site and winning incentive in return. Various actions that can be gamified are as follows:

1. Referring a Friend

Let consumers earn points, badges & appreciation for referring a pal. A separate leaderboard can be built to display individuals who are leading the referral game on the website. Offer incentive to individuals if referral converts into sales.

2. Product Rating:

Let consumers earn points for product rating. Providing incentive will encourage consumers to evaluate and rate products. Products with excellent rating will lead to higher sales.

3. Product Review Writing:

Obtaining product reviews from consumers is not simple as it needs time and effort. The idea of gamification such as points and badges can be utilized to encourage consumers for writing more reviews.

4. Social Sharing:

Sharing information, product photography or videos on various social platforms creates a buzz and consumers can be motivated for social sharing through gamification. Reward individuals who are advocating the product and brand on social platforms. Make use of points, badges and social leaderboard to acknowledge such customers.

5. Completing Website Feedback Form:

Obtaining feedback about a website from consumers is a not a simple easy job, it is a challenge for all webmaster and this can be cracked by means of-of gamification concepts. Let people gain points and acknowledgment for fulfilling feedback forms. Recompense them with unique badges.

Apart from driving involvement & engagement, e-commerce websites can also make use of gamification to enhance sales, average sale value and a number of the consumer. The execution of gamification is a step-by-step procedure and final goal is to have amplified profit and overjoyed consumers.