03 Mar

Global Network Operations Center (GNOC)

Global Network Operations Center (GNOC)

Global Network Operations Center (GNOC) is all about operating a network center from one central location for multiple networks running in various part of the globe. It is the world of advanced technologies. With this, a network center situated in Philippines has capability to provide seamless connectivity for end user working in Dallas.

Telecom networks, Operation Support Systems, Element Management Systems, and multiple NOCs gets connected and operated through one centralized Global Network Operations Center. It can be considered as huge network operation and support delivery center. GNOC receives all notifications, complaints and service requests from multiple network centers as input. All inputs get processed by engineers at GNOC and delivers corresponding results for the same. With the help of GNOC, businesses can enhance service proficiency, flexibility and quality. GNOC brings:

Quality Uniformity: Best available technologies get deployed at GNOC that provide assurance for quality delivery. All tasks get repeated several times at GNOC that results into gaining better knowledge from real-time operation and improvement possibilities. Apart from this, GNOC has capability of centralized quality control, automation and entire operation’s management visibility. It makes sure uniformity in service quality irrespective of connected network location.

Improved Traffic Management: GNOC provides service 24/7. It always keeps an eye on entire network with accurate information and data visualization. It helps service provider in monitoring, maintaining and managing service quality at all location and time zone. For instance, AT&T was able to visualize heavy load on network and act accordingly to assist people to stay connected during Japan tsunami due to its GNOC service provider.

Reduced Expense: GNOC helps to reduce operational cost because:

  • Operational processes get streamlined
  • Infrastructure costs are contained
  • High level of automation

Enhanced Security: reduced operational cost and centralized Network Operation Center opens a window where service providers can concentrate and invest more on physical security, data network security & information security to enhance overall security standard.

These benefits are driving factors for service provider to invest in Global Network Operations Center. Deployment of advanced technologies at large scale in a GNOC needs highest quality of support service to its components. It leads to opening of another opportunity for support service provider to serve GNOC on their communication, security and data storage requirements. With GNOC users can expect seamless connectivity anywhere in the world.