14 Apr

How Digital Marketing Transformation can change your business

Digital Marketing Transformation

Companies can feel overwhelmed by the rapid evolution of Digital Marketing.  However, there are many positives which include the immense opportunities provided by the Digital Marketing Transformation.  Stakes are high and can impact businesses, and the way they handle it will define their future. The next-generation leaders will be the businesses who can leverage this transformation in Digital Marketing to build significant corporate and personal brands.

Digital Marketing Transformation through disruptive-technological-innovations is redefining the industry. The ideal way to deal with the dynamic Digital Marketing medium is to adapt quickly. The first thing companies can do is to initiate a cohesive Digital Marketing Strategy. The aim should be to pursue these innovations to achieve remarkable customer experiences. This can be achieved by breaking down the Digital Marketing silos to manageable domains, expanding the scope to innovate and drive performance. Discussed below are some of the favorable measures.

Internet Advertising

Content Acceleration

Accelerating the output of promotional content is essential. Companies subscribing to innovative strategies with an emphasis on divulging content will hold all the aces. An engaging piece of optimized promotional content achieves optimal lead generation. Companies are now cognitive that creating content which can be an asset to prospective customers is sure to drive the bottom line.

Formal Content Strategy

‘Search’ Acumen

The core constituent of any Digital Marketing campaign is Search Marketing. Brands have discovered it and are focusing on ‘Pull’ Marketing-techniques rather than the traditional ‘Push’. Companies are deciphering this renewed interest of their target audience. Adapting to the changes in Search Engine algorithms with a focus on content marketing is the key to success. By converging earned, paid and owned media to maximize relevancy and outreach, companies are optimizing their presence on SERPs (Search Engine Result Page). Digital Marketers now have the opportunity of creating highly targeted digital campaigns that are efficient and more relevant by combining corporate and promotional content with PPC (Pay-Per-Click) and RTB (Real-time Bidding). These successfully delivered campaigns are achieving the relevancy of owned and paid media along with the efficacy of earned media. Personalized and directly targeted ads, combined with custom content recommendations are an ideal mix to maximize conversions and drive sales.

Customers Online Ads


Mobile advertising is set to increase by 45% in 2016. As the medium offers phenomenal opportunities, companies must quickly adhere to the challenges of content portability. Mobile devices ensure a surge in accessibility and reach. Also, the engagement level of mobile communication is more personal.  Digital marketers have realized this potential and have started to direct more personalized content to the customers. Companies are exploiting the proximity and ubiquity of this lucrative platform through cross-platform content by making it increasingly portable and scalable. As Mobile interaction has become an integral part of customer’s buying journey, marketers are willingly integrating it with Digital Marketing Campaigns to reach out to the huge and expanding audience.

Organization Active Blog


The inclining feature of Technology is that it can only facilitate the distribution of the content, while creativity is the realm of individuals. When bloggers and content creators publish engaging and insightful content, they can achieve the desired results through Digital Media transformation. Earlier it was easy to confuse spam-campaigns, dodgy back-linking and irrelevant promotions with genuine content marketing. The transformation in Digital Marketing has changed it all and the focus has shifted away from superfluous link building. Businesses have realized that campaigns and strategies optimized for the end-users are the way forward to achieve success through Digital Marketing.

Digital Marketers who have inculcated these paradigms are reaping the rewards of better conversions and improved revenues. Conformance to these measures is helping businesses to apply Digital Marketing transformation to change for the better.

Customer Journey

Key Takeaways

The only thing constant is change, and it also applies to Digital Marketing. Perceiving these transformations, businesses are constantly adapting to make the most of the opportunities that come with the advancements in Digital Marketing. Discussed above are the key measures like Content Acceleration, Portability, etc., which are being used by business to achieve the desired results.