27 Nov

How Software as a Service can be your Edge?

How Software as a Service can be your Edge

Convenience is the cornerstone of all great technological innovations. Computers many decades ago radically changed the way we worked, lived, connected and entertained ourselves. Software which is at the heart of all computer advancements just got a complete overhaul. It is no longer tied to your desk. Welcome to a brave new world where you can utilize software on demand. Software as a Service (SaaS) for brevity is the new kid on the block. On Demand software delivery via SaaS model is the new reality. Learn how Software as a Service can be your edge in a fast-paced world.

SaaS is a revolutionary business model of software delivery wherein you can access it via your Internet browser. You pay for only what you use and you can conveniently forget the hassles of owning software once and for all. Legacy software models dictated that you procure a license for software and then once you own it, you had to install, maintain, upgrade and debug it yourself.

Software as a Service is making the onus of owning software a thing of the past. You may compare SaaS to your household utilities like electricity and water. It can’t get any simpler than that. The knowledge economy has ensured that no longer will companies be encumbered by the lack of capital, infrastructure or manpower. It is in this regard that SaaS as a business model is fast catching up and the pioneering companies who have adopted this model are reaping rich dividends.

Here’s how you can benefit from Software as a Services (SaaS) business model:

  • There is no need to pay hefty upfront charges and licensing fees
  • The turnaround time is quick and so you can invest your time in doing what you do best
  • It is a pay-as-you-go model which makes perfect sense for cash-strapped companies
  • Get software on demand which is a big advantage in today’s fast-paced world
  • Scale up or scale down your demand at a moment’s notice
  • Cross-device support means you don’t have to worry about software compatibility
  • Access your software from anywhere in the world over the Internet
  • Provide access to collaborators and contributors from across the globe
  • High levels of customization and white labelling is a distinct possibility
  • Software security is handled by the vendors and high standards are adhered to
  • Since you can switch vendors anytime customer experiences and services are high
  • Any updates, patches, new releases are the sole responsibility of the vendors
  • No need of investing in pricey hardware since you are not hosting the software

But there are obvious reasons why SaaS has not reached mainstream to the extent as technologists would want it to. Naysayers would like us to believe that there are security concerns regarding data and that the speed of internet would seriously hamper the quality of service. But a lot of path-breaking developments in this field have ensured that we can conveniently utilize Software as a Service without any issues today and tomorrow.