03 Nov

How to Track Leads with Email Tracker?


There is a well known concept that tracking sales and related data will enhance revenues. One of the first and foremost explanations will lead to the fact that you have an arrangement in place. In the not so distant period there was a case study in a certain company which was of very good reputation and quite a number of workforces and they had their advertising strategy huge and however assuming that they would have a pretty good system for handling leads, their procedure for lead, sales and marketing tracking was QuickBooks which was the sole tool they used for tracking leads, and that isn’t even a lead tracker….it’s a sales tracker. They had no spreadsheets, no database. Email tracking tool gives a complete view of the sales cycle on web based interface.

Firstly, the stakeholders were spending a significant amount of investment on advertising and had absolutely no track of the return. There was no record of either sticky notes or pieces of paper written and handed out? There was no count on even something as fundamental as the number of leads, nevertheless the ability to count those leads to any particular advertisement or salesperson.

Secondly, the study revealed that the sales were not even capturing names and addresses of potential customers they could market to in the future if they did not purchase now. Many organizations pay top dollar to buy totally cold mailing lists in an effort to initiate marketing campaigns. These people had a warm list at their desk and did nothing to generate business from it. They were wasting huge asset that would help them grow their business.

Orchestrate InsightsDownload this premium guide on Email Tracker – A common tool to Improve Marketing and Sales. Email tracker is one such tool that works well for both marketing and sales. We would take a look on email tracker functionalities for both functions and its usage.

Another motive for not having an email tracking system is the reason that it is similar like such a intimidating task. Many of them may remember the pains of instituting new systems. Many of them are afraid of the expenses of initial investment. Many of them really have no idea where or how to begin accumulating the data, and once they have it; they are not quite certain what to do with it. These are characteristically doubts associated with prior experiences, but nowadays there are so many simple yet effectual solutions existing and these solutions will not even be considered a cost in the end because the result is increased revenues.

Email tracker in this content are very helpful not only in maintain the customer’s record also tracking on the Sales person routine and management. This database can serve as a list for Sales people to approach for new products and services.