29 Dec

How IT Trends are Redefining Business Enterprises?

How Trends in Technology are Redefining Business Enterprises?

Information Technology is changing business enterprises everywhere. Those that cannot cope with the challenge are sooner than later relegated to oblivion. Technology has long been dictating how business enterprises conduct business and will continue to do so for a very long time. As we come to the end of 2015 it is reasonable that we learn about the trends in technology that will change the corporate world for good.

Here are the trends in technology predictions for 2016:

Convergence of devices and experiences:

2016 will see convergence of devices as customers demand a more seamless experience. Cross-device support will be critical in a highly connected world. Today customers browse the web on their mobile devices while travelling and look for product features and reviews. They come home and complete the buying transaction on a laptop or desktop. Thus they expect their preferences and selections to be moved seamlessly from the mobile device to the personal computer. The various devices will have to talk to one another in order to ensure the users feel it is one all-encompassing experience after all.

Wearable Technology will come of age:

A lot of buzz is surrounding the Wearable Technology. With smart watches, fitness bands and other innovative tech devices the world will be never the same again. It will help people from everything related to tracking fitness regimen, personal health, and giving customized advice depending on one’s individual tastes and preferences. 2016 will see the growth of the wearable devices market and a lot of start-ups and big enterprises are already betting their futures on it.

Wearables Market Augmented and Virtual Reality Hardware

Rise of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality:

With big players like Facebook, Google and Microsoft showing so much interest in VR and AR, can start-ups be far behind? There is lot of potential in this arena and it seems we have just scratched the surface of it. The race is already on for giving users an out of this world experience. Beyond just for entertainment it has huge potential for informational and training purposes. There is no need to build hefty hardware and pricey infrastructure when the experience can all be immaculately simulated.

IoT, Big Data & Analytics will take center stage:

2015 was a spectacular year for big data with big enterprises sifting petabytes of data to gain useful insights. The coming year will be grander in terms of scale of big data thanks to the Internet of Things taking a central role with companies trying to gain a bigger market share and venturing into uncharted territory. Newer data analytics tool will have to assist the new age data scientist in order to make sense of all that data being spewed at lightning speeds by the gazillions of devices that will be connected to the IoT.

IoT Technology Global Information

Security shall be paramount:

When technology grows in leaps and bounds so does the threat to IT systems multiplies. There are more loopholes to exploit and newer ways to attack the tech ecosystem. Thanks to IoT and cloud technologies, enterprises will make security the cornerstone of their IT organizations. A lot of newer regulations along with stringent checks and balances will have to come into effect courtesy of the rise of newer technologies. Data ownership will be of prime concern without which there will be ample room for data exploitation and this can raise serious privacy concerns and confidential information coming into the public domain or falling into the wrong hands could be a grave threat.