06 Nov

Is It Time to Redesign Your Website?

Is It Time to Redesign Your Website
Does your website have outdated components? Is your website dropping traffic or loading with snail pace? These regular concerns point out that it is time to redesign your website. Below are few reasons for you to consider updating your company’s website as soon as possible.

Slow Loading Time

In case website takes an elongated time to load, it is certainly time for a redesign. Facts indicate that if your website loading time is longer than 5 seconds, visitors’ interest gets dropped and look for another available option. Rapid load time gives your web visitors an additional convenience. It also lures them to navigate your web pages and know more about your products and services. Faster website helps to increase contact and business conversions.

Low Quality Navigation

Low quality navigation is also one of the reasons; visitors go away from your website. If navigation area is overwhelmed with links, or if getting specific data is problematic, it is time to redesign. High quality navigation is another simple route to upsurge contact and business conversions. When a prospect is attempting to locate your business, they presume a fast and easy way to get your company address, and contact information. This is true for any websites. Visitors will only try to find a particular product or service very few times before moving away to another service provider. A successful website has balance between eye-catching design, and tactical placement.

Poor Traffic

If your website has been witnessing traffic drop or a high bounce rate then it is possible that the website design is not attracting potential customers. A redesign can enhance the components that are driving visitors away. Low traffic can happen for numerous reasons such as design, or navigation. Apart from that, low quality integration of required SEO components can cause your website to be tough for prospect to find.

Social Media Integration

Social media integration is another reason to redesign your website. You should include links to your profiles on various social networks. Adding social sharing tools can upsurge interaction even more. Social media is larger than ever before, and customers assume your company to be on social networking. Many researchers have confidence that social media searching will beat search engines. To make sure that your business is covered in all aspects, you should include social media in your new website design.

Mobile Optimization

As mobile device usage continuing to upsurge, it is important to optimize your website for mobile devices. Responsive web design will make sure that your website can be read on all devices. Provide additional functionality for your website visitors by including web apps that are available on desktop and mobile devices. Your business will appear more attractive and easy.

New Brand Image

If your business is going through an important and major rebranding process, it is time to change your website design which reflects new brand vision, value and message. Your website should grow and change as your business is growing and changing. Change can be as simple as getting new logo, colors and content to reflect your new brand. It can be as complex as changing website platforms and executing a design renovation.