24 Apr

Is your cloud based CRM solution secure?

Is your cloud based CRM solution secure

An apparently rightful answer to a business issue is first step for one more unanticipated problem. As we mature with technological advancement, businesses should make sure that not complicating matter now to have an uncomplicated tomorrow. Despite the fact that cloud based CRM solutions are unavoidable, the idea also has several issues. There are hesitations regarding its sustainability, security is one of the concerns. Businesses require CRM system that can help in key business areas and have capability to scale-up, bring mobility and be quicker in accepting new client and business data needs.

It is true that cloud based CRM comes with its own advantages. Businesses are also thinking beyond its advantages. CIOs and CTOs are concerned about data security while using cloud based CRM solution in their organization. They are also giving thought on methods to make their data secure and stop its breaching or theft. According to cloud security alliance below are cloud CRM security risks:

  • Data Breaches

  • Data Loss

  • Account Hijacking

  • Denial of Service

  • Insecure APIs

  • Malicious Insiders

  • Abuse of Cloud Services

  • Insufficient Due Diligence

  • Shared Technology Issues

The concept of handing over valuable information to a different organization is troublesome. CTOs dither to leverage cloud solution as it is easier said than done to come across a reliable IT service provider. Moreover cloud based services with data confidentiality comes at higher cost which is contradicting one of the key advantage of choosing cloud based CRM. Companies should try to reduce current security threat while ensuring to fulfil future security needs.

Data encryption method can be a great help while using cloud based CRM. End user should encrypt the information with confidential pair of keys while entering the data into the system before it gets stored in cloud servers. End user can access this information by entering keys on the basis of their need. If an outsider tries to access the same information without using keys will end up finding some characters not the actual information. Keys should be changed more often to maintain its confidentiality.

Above mentioned process is complex but most reliable method to secure the data while using cloud based CRM. A lot of companies take help of data security service providers as they lack of resource and skill to manage data security through internal IT team. Security service provider evaluates several security solutions and advice on appropriate solution that fits to particular business need and requirements. Either way businesses need to be sensitive about their data security to run their business successfully.