04 Dec

Mobile Learning – The Next Big Thing

Mobile Learning – The Next Big Thing

On demand learning of any topic in any manner and in a place of your choice is one of the biggest advantages of mobile learning. But the concept of m-learning is not limited to your smartphones. You can be benefitting from m-learning via any of the various portable, mobile and hand-held devices. These devices could be netbooks, laptops, tablets, smartphones, e-readers and others.

Whatever be your business vertical, digital and mobile technologies are upending the old-fashioned ways of doing business. One of the biggest beneficiaries of the digital revolution that is sweeping the world has been education. Today mobile phones are as ubiquitous as wrist watches. And these phones are getting smarter with each passing day. All this paves the way for mobile learning in a world that is chronically short of trainers and the supporting infrastructure.

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Classroom learning just got an upgrade. Suddenly the whole world is your classroom and the whole World Wide Web is your repository of educational materials. Gone are the days when learning meant poring over print versions of books and teachers harping on in a seemingly endless monologue. Today you have complete flexibility and interactivity at your fingertips.

If a certain topic is too complex to be explained with textual content m-learning can always help you with rich media, interactive presentations, and expert opinions from multiple time zones. Learners can collaborate, share their experiences, insights and tips on how to understand and imbibe the subjects better. The costs related to enrolling more learners into the m-learning ecosystem are very less compared to getting students into a brick and mortar university.

M-learning (Mobile Learning) – Democratization of Education

Education is one of the greatest pillars on which our civilization is currently standing. Making quality education the sole domain of the elite defeats the very purpose of education. Mobile learning can be the great leveller and our best attempt at creating a more egalitarian society and this is expected to strengthen with the latest mobile trends.

With the raft of technologies coming our way we are today in a much better position to reap its benefits for the greater good of humanity than ever before. What started as a fancy way to impart education has today completely gone mainstream. People from the remotest parts of the world are having a fighting chance of making it big in a knowledge-centred economy. Students who never had the privilege of learning a particular domain in college now have a very good opportunity to update their skills and excel at whatever they desire.

We are rapidly moving towards a ‘mobile-first’ world. Each one of us is expected to know something about everything in order to survive in this highly competitive world. So the future of mobile learning can only get brighter.

So there is a need to create a fluid learning experience that is a true cross-device champion affording us the flexibility of moving across devices, resolutions, and platforms with utmost ease. M-learning can also overcome the barriers of language since technology can afford us the privilege of translating any educational material in a language of our choice. The possibilities in m-learning are limitless and currently we have just scratched the surface of it.