13 Mar

Mobile Marketing beyond SMS Ads and Offers

Mobile Marketing beyond SMS Ads and Offers

At present, mobile marketing makes up just a tiny part of the online advertising market. However it’s prospective are pretty high thanks to its capability to distinctively target customers with interactive marketing offers at any time. That potential emerges particularly high when it is well thought-out in the framework of the growth of social local mobile applications. Big telecommunications companies are already getting ready to leverage this opportunity, however the competition will be stern. Organizations such as advertising networks, internet providers, mobile ad technology experts and systems integrators are preparing to put together a strong position in the mobile marketing value chain. They hope to capture a major part of this new revenue stream.

Telecom companies are inclined to see mobile marketing as a mean not just to improve profit but also to invest in new digital services that will enhance their content offerings and trim down the churn. What distinguishes the serving from the rest is that they have way in to precious, targeted consumer information and data. Telecom companies should make association with merchants to discover new ways to monetize their best asset that is rich consumer information and data.

Successful telecom organizations are already entrenching new capacities into their operating models to enhance cost efficiency, monetize consumer data and association with merchants and brands to unlock considerable new income streams for service provider. Below are few examples:

  • Offer marketers and businesses influential insights into how to fragment and target consumers.

  • Create huge databases of qualified consumers who have chosen to entertain offers and rewards from these merchants.

  • Mobile payment services that permit consumers to purchase advertised products or services through their mobile account without having to share sensitive private financial data through mobile internet.