22 Dec

How to achieve Excellence in Customer Service

 Excellence in Customer Service

Customers are the primary stakeholders of a company and provide the foundation for its success. If a company wants the wheel of its profitability and growth to keep rolling, then it needs to focus on Customer Service, which is one of the most important cogs in the wheel.

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16 Dec

How to get the best bargain on Mortgage loans


A mortgage payment is based on various factors. A lower interest rate alone won’t make it affordable and variables such as the loan term and mortgage insurance are also important. At times even when you get a good rate, you’re not allowed any pre-payments during the term. It might be suitable for those who can make extra payments but could be a favorable deal for first-time buyers with limited cash flow. If you have the ability to make extra payments, then a higher frequency of payments can be ideal. On the other hand, a lower-rate mortgage with no pre-payment facility could take longer to pay off.

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21 Nov

Four Reasons to Invest in IoT in 2019

Four Reasons to Invest in IoT in 2019

The Internet of Things (IoT) has been proclaimed as the next generation technology. The capability of transferring data over a network without the need for human interaction will enable various devices such as appliances and automobiles to interact with each other on their own. When you look at the potential, it is one of the biggest revolutions waiting to happen in the realm of technology.

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06 Nov

What matters in Mortgage Servicing?

Mortgage Servicing

A Mortgage loan involves a series of critical tasks. Mortgage servicing is one of the primary aspects of the process that deals with loan payment collections and similar services related to mortgages industries. It also covers the mortgage-backed securities, which are essentially used during high-value transactions. Being a specialized task Mortgage servicing often requires the expertise of a dedicated third-party known as the servicer, who handles the day-to-day tasks of administering the loan. As it’s an essential responsibility, lending institutions might be prompted to hire one or more for the purpose. Read More

25 Oct

Key Tips to Improve Customer Experience Tactics

Customer Experience Tactics

The evolution of technology-driven communication has transformed a customer journey in many ways. It has not only become dynamic but also much more unpredictable than ever before. It has forced the organizations to go beyond the traditional mindset and focus on customer experience. Customer service is now about strategic solutions that meet the evolving needs of the digital-savvy consumers.

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12 Oct

How to succeed in the Competitive Mortgage Market

Competitive Mortgage MarketIn the last few years, the mortgage industry has gradually turned into a seller’s market. It’s because the number of buyers has been exceeding the number of houses for sale. When properties are being sold off more quickly, mortgage firms have the opportunity to improve their revenue as the estates would be selling for more than the asking price. However, it has also led to a strong competition among the mortgage companies.

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12 Sep

The Role of AI in Digital Marketing

The Role of AI in Digital Marketing

Artificial Intelligence is about creating intelligent machines to perform cognitive tasks. The ability of these machines to think like humans would keep improving when they have sufficient data to identify patterns and trends. Digital Marketing (DM) is an expertise that extensively revolves around data and analytics. The ability to figure out the right insights from data is crucial to the success of any online initiative. With a massive increase in the amount of data and its sources, it’s logical to believe that AI has a vital role to play in digital marketing.

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30 Aug

How Professional Tax Reporting Works

How professional Tax Reporting works

The primary aim of a Tax report is to accrue all types of tax liens clouding a property’s title. The information provided by the report includes the status and figures of vesting property tax that the owner of the property has to pay to municipal bodies, banks, and lending institutions. The comprehensive statement is vital for carrying out various financial and commercial transactions related to the property such as the pre-closure of a mortgage loan or the eventual sale of the property.

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16 Aug

Digitalization of Customer-Experience: Four Key Steps to follow

Digitalization of Customer-Experience

Last few years have seen a surge in competition among brands to deliver end-to-end customer experience (CX). The exponential increase in online users, along with the ever improving connectivity between businesses and consumers, are the prime factors that have forced enterprises to focus on digital customer experience. Apparently, it has evolved as one of the ideal methods to keep pace with the target audience. Moreover, digitalization has also opened up many opportunities for businesses to surge ahead of their competitors.

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