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How Rapid Web Application Development can Deliver Enhanced Results?

Rapid Web Application Development can Deliver Enhanced Results

Today’s web application development needs are demanding and as such there is tremendous pressure on IT and software enterprises to deliver applications on an ever-shorter deadline. This calls for a radical change in the way applications are developed. Using the traditional waterfall methodologies in order to develop web applications has its drawbacks and cannot meet the increasing challenges of enterprises in an ever-evolving world.

This is where rapid web application development model of software development comes into the picture. It is more of an iterative way of building software applications. The initial work can be started with a certain number of inputs and a model can be built and then as per the feedback from the clients the application can be streamlined and made better in an iterative manner.

The process works best when the clients and the developers work in close coordination. Every time some functionality is to be added, a working prototype is created and is delivered to the client. Then if everything is in the right place then the process continues and if any feedback comes from the client it is well incorporated.

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The rapid web application development model helps to reduce the gross inefficiencies associated with the conventional ways of developing apps. There is incremental work done depending on how the present module is accepted by the client. With this kind of a procedure in place the development work goes on at an accelerated speed there is also a possibility of reusing the components that are already developed.

There is a certain routine that is followed in order to let the rapid web application development become a success

  • Understanding the business – it is obviously that the first step is to understand how the business works to get a clear idea of what is expected from the software application
  • Gathering the complete data – once the business is analyzed from all angles the next step is to gather enough data about the business in terms of pure statistics and building a statistical model out of it
  • Creating a process – once all the data is being gathered it is next put to use by creating a process to come up with a business functionality flow. All the data modification is done in this phase of the process
  • Building the application – here the actual work for the creation of the application is done with the software codes being developed. There are a lot of tools that are used to automatize complete process and the data implementation is done all on an ongoing basis
  • Application testing – this is where the application is tested and the actual viability of it is known in this phase so that it is ready to be effectively delivered

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The rapid web application development process comes as a boon for today’s industries wherein the demands from the clients can gone on incessantly and there needs to be a model in place to cater to such burgeoning needs. Some of the advantages of this type of development process are that the delivery of application is on time and the quality of the application is top-notch.

The amount of rigorous testing that is the bane of the waterfall model of application development can be easily avoided with this type of improved developmental process. The best part of this methodology is that the exact status of the work can be gauged at any moment in real-time so that decisions can be taken on the fly regarding any changes or improvements required.

The amount of resources that are needed can be drastically reduced thanks to this model of developmental process. The cost savings could be in terms of lesser number of coders needed, lesser amounts of overheads, and reduction in the amount of time taken for the delivery of the software product.

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Key Takeaway: The quality of work done with rapid web application development process is of exceptional grade since the client will be closely involved in the whole process from the beginning. This leaves very less room for error and the ensuing course correction that might be needed at a later process. This kind of hindrances can be very expensive not only in terms of the cost but also has a direct consequence on the time to market for the specific product for which the application was developed in the first place. The rapid application development triumphs over all such odds to consistently deliver the expected results.

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