28 Apr

Reasons to have Responsive Web Design

Reasons to have Responsive Web Design

It has turn out to be imperative to have website which is adjustable to multiple devices and screen sizes as the usage of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets has been increasing more than ever. Responsive website design provides many benefits apart from being user friendly. We would have a look on responsive website benefits and reasons to have responsive web design.

Responsive Web Design

Responsive website design is a method designers practice to build a website that adjusts as per device screen size. A responsive web page adjusts itself as per device used by visitors. It means visitors will experience an optimized web page irrespective of device type and screen size.

Why Responsive Web Design?

You can save money on development, improve sales while offering an outstanding user experience by having responsive web design. As browsing is being done on different mobile devices such as smartphone, tablet etc, it is important to have your website which is adaptable to all devices. As device screen size continues to shrink, you responsive web design is a great help to keep up with the varying screen dimensions.


One website for all devices

The combined method of responsive web design permits you to concentrate your SEO campaign on just one website instead of having a different mobile website. Responsive web design also allows to have single analytics and reporting. Moreover, you need not to spend money on additional development and website management.

Reach out to mobile users

As per Google report, a 400% growth has been seen in search through mobile devices. 33% searches are local. Organisations that have already having responsive web design are viewing up to 40% of their visitors coming from tablet and mobile devices. Through responsive web design visitors get better experience within the smaller windows of time which they spend on the website.

Improve sales

Recent reports indicates that users are more likely to buy or invest fund if that company has a website that operates well on their mobile device. Responsive web design makes a steady, pleasant user experience that radically increases conversion rates and sales. A Google survey says that the possibility of visitor purchasing a product or service from a responsive website is 67%.

Visibility in search engine

A successful website is found easily on internet. More than one SEO campaigns can be costly. Putting effort on a single domain helps to gain higher traffic and a cheaper SEO budget. Responsive Web Design allow to use less resources, and more prominently, less time consumed repeating content, images and products. Google has recommended that mobile optimized, responsive designed websites are being included more in localized search results from mobile devices.

Reach out to a wider audience

As per report, approx. 45% of traffic for several websites is received from mobile devices. If a website is responsive, mobile device users can effortlessly access and navigate the website.