12 May

How Right User Experience Can Maximize Your Business Profits?

Right User Experience Can Maximize Business Profits

If you feel creating a notable user experience (UX) of your website is not directly related to your revenues, think again. A research has shown that more than 47% of your potential customers visit your company’s website to check out the products/services. Going by the statistics, a website with remarkable user experience can help you convert these visitors into customers. On the other hand, having a website that doesn’t deliver optimal UX will let these visitors go away, and even worse, they could be end up getting attracted by your competitors. Another significant stat to be noted is that a business can get a return of up to $100 for every $1 spent on UX. All these prove that user experience is indeed critical for any business and investing in creating a prominent website UX is the secret to success. When user experience is so crucial for your business, we need to find the right UX that can prove vital in maximizing your profits. Discussed here are some of the UX elements that you need to focus –

Start with a website Wireframe

A website wireframe or page schematic is an ideal way to start. This is essentially a blue-print which serves as a visual guide. It represents the skeletal framework of the website you wish to build and helps you arrange elements that fit your purpose. It basically illustrates the page layout along with the website’s content arrangement that includes navigational systems and interface elements. The main use of wireframe is to identify the design flaws in the very beginning. It helps in saving valuable time, which might be wasted in creating attractive website designs, only to find them non-functional in the end. This leads to optimal savings on resources, which ultimately has an effect on the business returns.

User Experience Can Maximize Business

KISS good-bye to irrelevant elements

UX is not just adding good elements but is also about removing the bad ones. And the ideal way to do it is by Keeping it Simple and Sweet (KISS). For this, you need to enlist the core-elements and put your focus on them, while constantly go about removing the elements that can clutter your UI. One of the core elements is often the aspect of readability. The elements like color-combinations, background schemes, font-sizes, font-color and font-type should be chosen based on the aspect that they are not just attractive but serve the basic purpose of readability. When your website helps customers find what they are searching, easily and effortlessly, it adds to its credibility. This is a vital aspect which plays a pivotal role in boosting the overall conversion ratio.

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Responsive design is a must

Most of the users now-a-days prefer to browse the Internet on their smartphones or tablets. This is the reason that every website being designed has to be not just mobile-compatible but also must be cross-platform compatible. Making your website responsive ensures that various elements on your website do not go haywire when a user decides to zoom in on the mobile device. Responsiveness goes about transforming the display to suit the various screen sizes and resolutions. When your website is unable to open on all platforms, not all visitors will be able to view it, which will affect the visibility factor. This has a direct correlation to your conversion and overall returns.

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Optimize the site to load fast

Having done everything right as far as the User Interface is concerned, care now should be taken that they are in sync and optimized to load quickly as possible. While this aspect depends on various factors like net speed and browser, still building pages with clearly defined avenues make a lot of difference. What you need to ensure is that, all the elements on your page like buttons and input options perform the tasks they are meant for in an ideal way. This makes on-screen optimization a crucial part of overall user experience. When users have to wait for long to view your website, they tend to get frustrated. Research has shown that not many exhibit the virtue of patience and will end up getting what they need from your competitors with better websites. This can reduce your visibility and selling opportunities, and in turn affect the returns.

While these are the design elements which need to be primarily focused on, maximizing revenues through UX also depends on various aspects like customer service. There needs to be the right coordination between what you have mentioned on the website and how you actually deliver it. When you are able to match or exceed the customer expectations through impressive user experience it ensures that you add value to your deliverables, leading to better conversions, which in turn leads to higher profits. When the returns are higher, the margins are inflated to maximize your bottom-line and ROI.

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Key Takeaways
  • A website with remarkable user experience can help you increase your conversion ratio.
  • Creating a website wireframe initially will help you identify the design flaws in the very beginning. This helps you save valuable time and resources.
  • Focusing on core-elements will make your website design more functional. This can help you deliver better UX.
  • Visibility is directly linked to responsiveness of a website. This in turn is linked to your profits.

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