06 Jan

Seven Social Media Trends Rocking Small Businesses

Seven Social Media Trends Rocking Small Businesses

For small businesses the rise of social media has definitely come as a blessing. Small business and social media seems to be a match made in heaven. Before the advent of social media, getting the attention of targeted audience was a herculean task and one which needed lots of investment in terms of time and money. This was something that small businesses could ill afford.

Today over two billion people worldwide are actively using social media networks. Nine out of ten companies in the United States are already on social media channels. It’s a crowded place but if you can rise above the din then there are lots of benefits to be partaken.

The small business enterprise investment in social media channels is only going to increase in the days to come. Social media is now an integral part of any company’s marketing and sales strategy.

Here are the top seven social media trends for small businesses:

  • Creating exceptional blogs

Your customer has a message for you, “Don’t sell me anything”. Then how are small enterprises supposed to grow their business. The answer lies in inbound marketing. Here you genuinely help the customer to make an informed buying decision. Naturally sales will follow once the trust is established. For that it is necessary to always keep the customer engaged. Having a blog and updating it regularly with great posts is the best way to do it. Great companies around the world have blogged their way to success and all this without even shelling a single penny.

  • Video is gaining prominence

Research has proven it beyond doubt that customers are more likely to buy a product after watching the product demos and marketing videos. It is precisely for this reason that small businesses are gung-ho about using videos in their marketing campaigns. What better platform to upload your videos than on YouTube which records more than 4 billion videos viewed every day?

4 Billion YouTube Videos

People are watching more videos with each passing day. This trend is only going to see an upsurge with the prolific rise of smartphones as the device of choice for browsing the internet and viewing videos. The best part is that videos that are liked by users can rapidly see a rise in viewership thanks to the viral nature of social media channels.

  • Social listening is here to stay

What’s the point of your content going viral without you having a clue of how engaged your users are? That is where social listening comes into the picture. Today there are enough analytical tools that are available at your disposal which can shed light on how your content on social channels is performing. This way it is possible to gauge the interest level of the audience and deploy tailor-made content to get the maximum bang for your buck.

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  • Localized content will triumph

Small businesses generally have a limited number of customers spread over a particular geographical area. Thus it makes perfect sense to spread the word among the customer base that your product is catering to. Enterprises are focusing more on localized marketing and most social networks are already letting brands do it in a seamless manner. Advertising to the customers that matter to you in a way that appeals to them and at a time when they are most responsive is the way to go.

  • Choosing right social channels is vital

Not all social media channels will meet the needs of a particular business enterprise. What’s the point of marketing on a particular social platform if it is rarely frequented by your core audience? Brands will want to gain more insights on which are the social channels that provide better visibility and maximum bang for their buck. Also the varied social networks will be used for very specific purposes. Some channels will be used mostly for visibility while others will be used more for converting suspects into prospects.

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  • Instant messaging for instant results

Today there are umpteen instant messaging channels and apps that promise instant gratification. Brands never had it so good and it is much easier to keep the customers in the loop today than even half a decade ago thanks to these messaging apps. Targeted push notifications and personalized alerts are the norm for serious businesses wanting to keep the customers engaged. It’s possible to create riveting content that can go viral on theses apps helping brands make most of these channels. This way small enterprises can ensure they never miss out on an opportunity to convert a customer.

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  • Attention to customer reviews

Nowhere does the adage ‘Customer is King’ rings truer than in this day and age of social media preponderance. A single negative review from a disgruntled customer is enough to tarnish the image of a popular brand thanks to the viral nature of social media comments. Brands are appointing social media managers to check and respond to customer queries on a timely basis before it blows out of proportion causing some serious bad publicity for the brand.

Let us know what social media trends you are following in 2016? Get in touch with us.