06 Oct

Cloud Computing – The Latest Trend

Cloud Computing - The Latest Trend

We have been using cloud computing unsuspectingly through Google docs, yet we never realized that these were cloud computing services. The cloud is one such abode where all your gadgets are synced and connected for all time. In this implicit world, there is no management around to systematize your personal or official data. Access anything, anywhere through cloud computing. Sharing pictures, private data, contact, game, movies, and many more has become easy with one quick click. This and many more is probable with your personal cloud.

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01 Sep

Take Your Business on the Cloud!

Take your business on the cloud

Now CIOs are looking for ways to access customer’s personal information like birthdays, anniversary dates, or other important events in their lives to be able to provide better services. More predominantly, they are concerned in obtaining this information in real-time like when a customer approaches a point of sale or a partner in a dealership. They look for ways to bring more customized consumer engagement mechanisms that could pull out appropriate and helpful insights from various resources of consumer data to empower the sales team and make extremely personalized and convincing offers to the consumer.

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31 Jul

Data Security in Financial Services: Challenges and Solutions – Part 2

Data Security in Financial Services: Challenges and Solutions - Part 2

Risk Management leads the Way

Cyber criminals seem to be having a field day with the technological advancements of our times. Open network technologies are a major contributing factor in malevolent online activities because they enable quicker and flexible operations. This gradually throws the doors open to hackers and their ilk. Technology infrastructure has now developed enormously, such that it encompasses mobility, virtualization and cloud computing.

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12 Jun

Tech Trends & their Impact on Brands – Volume 2

Tech Trends & their Impact on Brands – Volume 2



We live in very interesting times. The fundamental basis of the cloud model is simple―it serves to link many devices, applications and services together in real time. Today, mobile computing has forged a strong bond with cloud computing. This has paved the way for focally aligned applications which can be transferred to devices, regardless of their type. These kinds of apps which are capable of using intelligence and storage efficiently can usher in reduced bandwidth costs. Soon, we can synchronize such applications on multiple devices.

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