02 Jan

Technologies applied in smart contact centers

Technologies applied in smart contact centers

The smart contact center is one that plans and adjusts to full-fill ever-changing customer hope and service expectation. In the lack of a solution which suits to all, there is a terrible requirement for contact centers to change and keep up the competitive advantage by implementing customer-satisfactory and low cost strategy.

In the global environment, contact centers have various operating systems that include incorporated technologies from corner to corner at various stages of process management. Therefore it is necessary that instead of common implementation they should select for requirement-based technology deployment. As per report by Gartner, after five years, the customer will handle 85% of the association with an organization without communicating with human.

It does not suggest that human communication will be over. But it provokes to reconsider if contact centers are equipped to encounter the situation brought by technology progress. Contact centers gathers huge amount of information on regular basis. If it is not protected, analyze and utilize properly, there is chance to lose maximum amount of information. Appropriate technology can help contact centers to improve customer interaction quality and enhance data sharing process.

Voice Biometrics

As per to ContactBabel, contact centers in US splurge $12.4 billion per year authenticating the customer’s identity. More than 59% of phone calls need identity authentication. Only 3% of these phone calls are managed automatically. That is indication to the requirement for embracing voice biometrics. It performs as fool-proof voice authentication. It helps to avoid scams. it also removes the requirement to confirm the identity of the customer, reducing amount of time spent on call. Speedy reaction without recurring investigation about the customer’s identification will improve customer experience.

Big Data

More than half of the 1000 global organization will use cloud to keep customer sensitive information. Only keeping and protecting the information will not help until and unless it is being utilize to find key insights through behaviour analysis to meet ever changing customer need and requirement. The most important factor for contact center is online and offline customer-need integration to make sure excellent experience and higher level of satisfaction. Solution through cloud provides various advantages such as quick implementation, flexibility and scalability as per requirement.

Speech Analytics

There is a straight connection between getting better business process and cost reduction. Speech Analytics is a move beyond recording and monitoring of customer calls. It provides the superiority of analytical capability. On the other hand, it offers precise and scientific ways to make sure efficient customer service such as keeping an eye on the language and the tone of the calls. It helps to resolve escalation and disputes quickly.

Video Support

Usage of social media by customers has changed the contact center industry. It has moved from interactive voice response to interactive video response. It provides a face to an interaction between customer and agent. It has proven a great help while dealing a complex issue which are hard to resolve over the phone.