27 Oct

The 4 Noticeable Traits of Agile Leaders

4 Noticeable Traits of Agile Leaders

It’s the capability to lead well through a wide range of circumstances – particularly when leading change. You can spot the agile leaders because they are flexible, unbiased, quick, graceful, and able to work efficiently with uncertainty and ambiguity.

Here are some of the traits of agile leaders with respect to leadership:

  • Ability to be flexible and resourceful in the face of ever-changing conditions
  • The ability to move with an easy style
  • The ability to interlace together and make sense of apparently disjointed pieces, constructing innovative solutions
  • Ability to change position speedily and accurately without losing balance

One thing we know for sure… business transformation is here to stay. If businesses want to accomplish something at managing at the pace of change “change management” may have much more to do with enhancing how we lead than about managing the change. And that’s where the skill of agility comes in.

Many of the leaders work with struggle with leading change effectively. They talk about change and more change to come, but their most important business outcomes rely on creating pioneering new products or creating a cultural shift to enable their success. If we consider the preferred results, then their focus should include a diversity of ideas and approaches to be sure people are occupied in doing those things that will create the valuable results – not simply on trying to manage the changes.

So instead of relying on a linear set of academic change steps, an agile leader will address the situation with a variety of perspectives, ideas, and solutions. They try different approaches and move gracefully with the needs.

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There are a few tips on becoming an Agile Leader:

Watch out for limiting beliefs and reactive tendencies – Review your mental scripts and how they inform your behaviors.

Don’t be limited by one approach – Take a hard look at your style and see how adaptable you are in various situations.

Astonish yourself with breakthrough thinking and involvement of others – intentionally take yourself out of your comfort zone and explore new approaches.

Ask better questions – be willing to examine all facets of a situation to create success.

Imagine you get replaced today- How would your successor develop things?

Expect change in everything you do.