01 Mar

Why User Interface Designs are Gaining Increased Popularity?

Why User Interface Designs are Gaining Increased Popularity?

The experience that your users get when they engage with your website or your app is courtesy of your UI designs. Thus it pays to have a stellar user interface design that helps to provide instant customer delight and as a natural upshot leapfrog the competition.

There are various factors associated with a great User Interface design that needs to be taken into special consideration. The goal should always be to improve customer experiences. So here are some of the strategies that shall help you to enhance your user experience designs.

The trends that are changing user interface designs

Today users are rightly using multiple devices. It could be desktop PCs, laptops, tablets, smartphones, wearables, TVs and the number of gadgets will only increase in the future. Thus it pays to be on top of the trends that are shaping the users’ digital experiences.

Seamless Experience

Users expect an Omnichannel experience and brands better provide it to them. Device agnosticism is increasingly catching designers off guards and those smart enough to adapt to this changing user need are seeing better success rates and improved ROIs. Today users seamlessly switch between devices. They start a task on one device and complete it on another device. So the user interface designs have to be such that they can be consistently experienced on any device regardless of the form factor, operating system, hardware configuration, and so on.

Responsive content is very crucial in this day and age of users having the freedom of surfing the internet on multiple devices. A responsive design is basically a fluid design that adapts perfectly to the changing needs of the device form factor.  Like water that fills up space and taking the shape of the container, responsive design easily fits into the available screen space for optimal user engagement. Today the design must focus more on the content, not just in terms of the quality of the content but the way it is delivered and managed.

Apps today are all the rage. Providing the right user interface on apps makes all the difference. The app interface could have been designed keeping in mind either the B2B or the B2C customer. Everything comes into focus on an app since the design does not have to be limited by the constraints of a browser. The design, the colors, the template, the theme, the fonts, and so on can all be designed as per precise specifications. The increased popularity of mobile apps means brands are going all out in order to wow customers with the right app interface.

Mobile has been a game-changer and a trend-setter for the most part of this decade and it shall have an inordinate amount of influence on the way people design interfaces for the foreseeable future. The way customers interact with your content on a mobile app means the micro-interactions matter a lot. A microinstruction is a managed moment that concerns with a single case or task. These minute details matter a lot and today’s users are very savvy and also particular about it.

Customer Experience

Today’s designs are intuitive and interactive which means all the various media attributes like images, video, audio, animation and others come into the picture. Brands are experimenting with increased usage of virtual reality and augmented reality in order to provide a more holistic experience to the users. Grabbing the attention of the users in the first place makes all the difference and having a great user interface helps to do precisely that. But it does not stop there. Once the user is on your website or app he has to have a seamless experience, should be able to navigate effortlessly, make sense of what is being conveyed, and so on.

Getting the user to do the task that you want him to do is naturally the ultimate aim of any user interface. This task could be one of downloading a white paper, signing up for a newsletter, filling in the contact details and so on. Having a great user interface can help brands achieve all that and more.