22 Dec

What are the mobile app predictions for 2016?

What are the mobile app predictions for 2016

Apps today dominate the mobile landscape. 2015 has been a blockbuster year for mobiles in general and apps in particular. Apps are being utilized by people for varied reasons and apps of all hues are competing for the same user attention. This has naturally made the users become more demanding. 2016 will be the year when apps will give special attention to customizing the experience to the users’ specific needs.

Here are the mobile app predictions 2016 in the mobile app world:

Customized apps are the way to go

There is a need to build apps around the customer needs rather than fitting the customers’ needs into the mobile apps. There is no shortage of apps around but quality apps that understand customers’ quirky needs are few and far between. Gone are the days when you were expected to build apps that were supposed to do everything. Today there is a need to fine-tune apps in order to connect with the audience at a much higher level.

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Expect more enterprise apps

More businesses are going app-only, especially the ones in ecommerce domain. This gives them a deeper understanding of how the customers are engaging with the brand and how to market more effectively to them. The user’s location can be tracked via the apps and this opens the doors to location-based marketing as well.

Increased levels of interactivity

Apps and mobile websites don’t fundamentally work in the same way.  Mobile websites have to play by the rules of the web browser unlike the apps. This gives a lot of liberty for app developers to make the content highly interactive and immersive. Going forward apps will bring in high levels of interaction with varied content layers, design patterns and other attributes.

Single gateway for all apps

Today the mobile phone screen consists of app icons of all shapes and sizes. All this might soon change. Your phone will be the gateway through which any app can be accessed without having to open individual apps. Thus the app will take the role of a publishing tool. Users will get the related content and notifications and actions can be performed without any hitch, as usual. The portal to access apps will be more like cards that are the containers for app content.

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Improved Application Performance

Apps face issues related to performance due to multiple device form factor, OS and also the erratic nature of mobile internet network. But app performance is improving considerably due to advanced monitoring tools and mobile metrics. This lets app developers get useful insights into user behavior, modes of engagement and device characteristics in order to deliver high quality apps.

Security will get a boost

App security is an often ignored aspect and data proves that most enterprise apps are vulnerable to threats and abuses. But as mobile apps begin to play a more vital role in a company’s digital sphere, security will get more attention. Developers will give app security more thought throughout the development life cycle. In future we will see more robust source codes, encrypted data and files along with high levels of encryption of data while in transit.

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Competition for owning mobile moments

Garnering the attention of the mobile app user is top priority. US app users spend a staggering 84% of their time within just five apps. Facebook, Google, YouTube are the usual suspects for grabbing the maximum attention of app users. This makes other apps to compete fiercely for owning the rest of the mobile moments. One excellent way is to partner with Google or Facebook and provide contextual content to be streamed via their branded apps. The alternative is to build world-class apps that will capture the customer mindshare and create instant customer delight.