23 Oct

Why Does User Experience Matter?

Why Does User Experience Matter

Basically, User Interface (UI) is what users see and touch when they interact with your site or app. On the other hand, User Experience (UX) is the feeling they obtain when while using your site, mobile or web application. By the same token, you don’t want to perplex users by presenting them a intricate navigation between pages of a website, or app. They might feel like they’re in a jumble, frantically looking for a way out. Now, don’t get me wrong. Both UI and UX designers are very much dedicated to small details. They are continuously tweaking and fine-tuning their creation. Nevertheless, before setting ahead for the UI and UX design, it behooves everyone involved in the process to have a holistic approach. Point is, how we can align the efforts of UI and UX designers in order to accomplish the desired outcome.

Primarily we first need to differentiate between User Interface design and User Experience design. At its foundation, UI is basically a combination between visual intend, and the interaction design UX, on the other hand, is how user feels about a certain product A UX designer looks at elements such as visual design, employability, convenience, interaction design, prototyping, UI design, development, knowledge and content strategy.

On the contrary, a UI designer is primarily concerned about how a website or application emerges in the interface. User interface designers are also accountable for the overall information architecture. UX designers, conversely know that the feelings user have about your product can make the dissimilarity between success and failure.

In actual fact, User Experience (UX) is a rather unclear term. Apart from having immense creativity, a combination of architecture and graphic design, a UX designer should also have excellent analytical skills and a have a firm understanding of psychology and human factors. Granted, without a completely crafted interface and interaction design, you cannot request to the users. But, sleek plan and a friendly user interface are merely not enough to make user fall head over heels with your product. In fact, there is an overlap between UI and UX design.

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That’s since there is an association between ‘what you see’ (UI) and ‘how you feel about it’ (UX). Is there a way to cooperation between the two? You bet so. At the end of the day, users might and will forget certain information of a website or an application, but they certainly won’t forget the feeling they obtain from using and interacting with that web page or app.