20 Mar

Wrist or Ears: Which is preferred for Wearable Health & Fitness Device?

Wrist or Ears: Which is preferred for Wearable Health & Fitness Device

Wearable devices like smartwatches and smart glasses have become prominent technological innovation for various industries. It has penetrated in the industries ranging from banking to manufacturing to retail. But health and fitness is one industry where it is being used to the maximum. Health and fitness industry has emerged as the biggest market for wearable health & fitness device. As per ABI research, wearable sport-and-fitness-related monitoring gadgets will touch 80 million by year 2016. And this growth is not likely to come down in near future.

Wearable health & fitness devices and applications have been important buyer technology for years. It offers big pool of gadgets to pick from. Application development for these devices is on prime to fulfil consumer need and requirements. Wearable devices are slick and design and even better in software. Excellent design and assured ease of development have motivated application development service provider and designers to model the new wearable apps for devices. For example, a developer has projected an app that would allow someone wearing the watch slide e-mail alerts into a folder for later review on his smartphone.

But split might happen in the industry as some devices start to show more widespread than others. For example, eye- or wrist-based wearables had a higher profile than ear-based ones. Though, current movement in this section shows that ear-based gadgets are obtaining an edge, mainly because the formation of blood vessels in the ears permits for more precise biometric measurements. Moreover, since speech is still our most common source of interaction, ear-based gadgets fulfill the classic necessities for two-way interaction during exercise.

Although, wrist based wearable device seems to be leading the gadget pool in near future. In the fitness section, the supremacy of wrist-based wearables is likely to remain with the arrival of several brands of sports watches, fitness companies, and different activity-tracking gadgets. The arrival of the long-awaited Apple Watch has fumed up this already buzzing market even more.

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In fact, several analysts are predicting that Apple Watches will entirely remove other brands fitness trackers. It might happen because of product quality, but can’t deny the role of Apple’s exceptional capability to market to customer cravings. It seems we’ll all have to wait and watch.