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A Full Suite of Third Party Compliance Tools

Born from our client partners' requests, AuditPOINT360, LLC​ has developed its offering to include industry leading compliance tools. Leveraging our team's extensive industry experience and knowledge, we have developed a full suite of compliance services to address today's stringent origination and servicing regulatory requirements.

With a focus on the small to mid-size partners, AuditPOINT360 solutions provide an answer to all your compliance needs. AuditPOINT360, LLC addresses the industry's main compliance pain points: Vendor management, Training, Audit/Oversight all fall within AuditPOINT360, LLC's scope of expertise.

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    Policies and Procedure Design

    Customized policies and procedures not only ensure maximum efficiency within your organization, they also act as the first step in your platform's risk management as well as the core element in successful external audits.
    AuditPOINT360, LLC provides end to end policies and procedures design to fit your internal needs while ensuring full compliance with regulatory requirements.

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    Audit Management Outsourcing​​ ​

    With countless audit participation over the years, our team can provide the assistance and expertise needed to help you with all your audit needs.
    From conducting an independent audit of your organization, to consulting on audit completion, to assisting on post audit responses, AuditPOINT360, LLC can be a valuable resource to your organization.
    We stand ready to be the solution to your audit expertise needs.

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    Compliance Oversight

    Is your organization struggling to keep up with compliance requirements? Are your internal resources stretched too thin to implement an efficient internal audit department? Are you sure you are following the proper regulatory requirements? ​AuditPOINT360, LLC has the necessary expertise and the ability to provide the needed guidance.
    With years of experience and active, ongoing industry involvement, AuditPOINT360, LLC can provide a cost effective outsourcing solution of oversight functions while giving you full time access to our compliance resources.

    Let our team be your "on-call" compliance oversight solution.

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    Compliance Training

    Does your staff need targeted on-site training? Are you ensuring CFPB minimum required staff training? Does your company need help with the annual training program, ​we can help.
    On-site or online, let our very own president fulfill all your training needs. Armed with the industry's highest (and rarest) accreditation, Faycal Fakhry, CMB, AMP is a well regarded national speaker/trainer on all industry topics.

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