Insurance Process Outsourcing


Doing insurance verification in-house is both time-consuming and costly. It needs utmost accuracy, in-depth knowledge and a dedicated team of personnel. There is a need to recruit, train and manage the requisite resources. Huge expenses have to be borne for buying and maintaining the necessary infrastructure. There is also the risk of delay and compromise on quality. The smartest alternative is to outsource your insurance process to a reliable partner. We at Orchestrate offer end-to-end insurance process outsourcing service. We support critical business areas and our solutions help clients achieve growth without letting them deviate from their core products and services.

Benefit from our end-to-end solution that encompasses everything from insurance product creation, development, marketing and distribution. Efficiently comply with policy administration, claims validation and insurance renewal. Enjoy higher efficiency by having hands-on control over the entire insurance value chain.

Deliver smart products and services driven by a strong business logic that leads to extreme customer-centricity.

Orchestrate Insurance Services:


  • Data Management
  • Quotes
  • Premium Calculations
  • Customer Retention
  • Cross and Up-sell
  • Customer Enquiries


  • Verification / Validation
  • Delivery Requirements
  • Premium Calculation
  • Follow-up


  • Name / Owner / Address Changes
  • Certificate Re-issue
  • Adjustments / Endorsements /
         Rider and Coverage Changes
  • Renewals and Quotes
  • Cancellations


  • Document Management Support
  • IT Support


  • First Notification of Loss
  • Claim Set-up


  • Settlement Payments
  • Closing Payments


  • Collections
  • Refunds
  • Billing
  • Premium Mode Change
  • Bank Changes

By outsourcing to us your workforce will have more time to focus on productive tasks. We have a highly efficient and seamless system in place to help meet your every need. Our team of experts is specialized in covering the full insurance life cycle by using a smart combination of offshore, onshore and near-shore resources.

By outsourcing your insurance process to us, you benefit from:

  • Minimized delays
  • Streamlined and impeccable business operations
  • Faster billing cycles
  • Access to specialized services
  • Increase in overall efficiency
  • Achieving economies of scale
  • Reduced cost, time-consumption and risk factors
  • Quality improvement and accelerated claims processing
  • Fewer rejections of claims
  • Reduced rework of claims

Orchestrate TechSolutions, LLC Insurance services focus on business processes, and global delivery mechanisms that give our clients the ability to concentrate on their core competencies. Our insurance solutions help clients reduce their cost, increase productivity, and improve process efficiency.


  • Headquarters:

    Orchestrate TechSolutions, LLC
    1330 Capital Parkway,
    Carrollton, Texas 75006

  • Toll Free: 800-232-5130


  • Headquarters:

    Orchestrate TechSolutions, LLC
    1330 Capital Parkway,
    Carrollton,Texas 75006

  • Toll Free: 800-232-5130