Post-Closing & QA Support

Post closing and QA support

Enabling you to smoothly record the documents at the County office and initiate the transfer of mortgage and loan servicing rights into the secondary market is Orchestrate’s Post-Closing and QA Support Service. The audit ensures the documentation and loan files are absolute according to the underwriting and mortgage processing rules and regulations.

Our Services

  • Document Compliance Review

    Various records collected, generated, and submitted starting from the mortgage origination to closing, legal, and HDMA documents are verified for regulatory compliance

  • Tracking And Retrieving Trailing Documents

    We track and retrieve trailing and other relevant documents. Trailing documents like mortgage deeds, trust deeds, tax reports and certificates, liens (voluntary, involuntary, municipal, and mechanic), assumption agreements, Uniform Commercial Code Records, judgments, etc., will be tracked. In case these documents are missing or misplaced, it will be retrieved to ensure completion of documentation.

  • Stacking & Indexing

    Our Post-Closing process includes stacking and indexing all the documents gathered and generated at the different mortgage process stages. By working closely with lenders, brokers, real estate firms, and title companies, these documents are verified by us. After a satisfactory review, the final Post-Closing package is presented.

  • Data Accuracy & Resolution

    Orchestrate's audit ensures that the data captured during the mortgage processing is genuine. If there are any inadequacies, resolutions will be recommended.

Why Choose Post-Closing & QA Support Services at Orchestrate?

  • Orchestrate's Post-Closing & QA Support Services will help you overcome any discrepancies and remove the deficiencies in the mortgage documentation.

  • With our efficient workforce and robust systems, we can conduct mortgage quality control audits to ensure compliance with regulators like Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, FHA, or VA.

For expert assistance for all your Post-Closing requirements, contact us.