Settlement & Closing Support

Settlement and Closing

Orchestrate is expertized to offer back-office support services to lenders to close mortgages in an accurate, efficient, and compliant manner. Our team is skilled in managing the entire mortgage process while strictly adhering to the regulatory requirements. With multiple delivery centers & seamless operations, lenders can outsource closing support to Orchestrate for assured quality & information confidentiality.

Our Services

  • Assembling Closing Documents

    Assembling important documents, like title search, appraisal reports, homeowner’s insurance, mortgage insurance, flood certificate, closing disclosure and other documents in an orderly manner.

  • Dispatching Closing Documents

    Once the documents are prepared and validated, we send the closing instructions statement with relevant and trailing documents to the settlement agent.

  • Expert Team

    We provide high quality services to our mortgage lender and are well aware about the requirements approved by the Uniform Standard Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP).

Why Choose Settlement & Closing Support Services at Orchestrate?

Our Services

  • Our specialists efficiently address all the mortgage process requirements from initial set up to post closing.

  • You will be ensured complete security, privacy and confidentiality for the data you provide.

  • We offer customized mortgage services that suit your mortgage needs and you can use your resources more productively.

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