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Tax service enables lenders and real estate investors to track and report current tax status and amounts due. Tax service firms provide investors purchasing properties across the country with valuable tools to track, report, and pay the real estate taxes. A comprehensive Tax report includes Pre-Closing Tax Certificates, Municipal Lien & Code Violation Reports, Tax Lien Set-Up, and Portfolio Analysis.

Why Choose Us?

With more than 11 years of experience in the Tax and Title procurement space, Orchestrate Mortgage Solutions has achieved a leading position as a provider of tax and title services. Our process encompasses an end to end work-flow and service platform that enables us to deliver competitive turnaround times.

With a team of experienced agents and flexible capacity, we are capable of handling all residential property tax claims including complex states such as New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania while consistently maintaining an industry leading accuracy/quality rating of 99+%.

Our 5 Distinct Sub-Processes

We currently work in 5 distinct sub-processes under the Tax Service that includes:

  • Tax payment and tax verification reports that include tax sales certificate

  • Portfolio tax delinquency reports that include tax liens search at federal, state and county levels

  • Severity report to track items eligible for tax sale that comes under risk management reporting

  • Non-Escrow Life of loan tax tracking

  • Curative report on mortgage liens and tax liens

Over the years, we have perfected the Tax and Title service and have a proven track record in obtaining and perfecting detailed reports on all types of liens clouding a property’s title. Our wide-range of Tax services are aimed at providing dedicated support for organizations looking for clearances on legal and vesting property reports to banks, lending institutions, and capital market companies.

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